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Restoring Health: body, mind and spirit

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Dr John B. MacDonald’s review of Restoring Health

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Restoring Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by Ed A. Hird.

This book is part of the author’s focus on restoring health to the North American church by strengthening a new generation of healthy leaders. Paul’s letter to Titus is the biblical text for this project.

The book begins with a foreword by the respected theologian, J. I. Packer, and no fewer than eight pages of endorsements.

Dr. Hird has been the Rector for St. Simon’s Church in North Vancouver, Canada since 1987. St. Simon’s is a member of the Anglican Mission in the Americas (Canada) and is a renewal-oriented church.

Paul had some harsh words to say about the people of Crete where Titus was serving: “one of themselves, a prophet of their own said, ‘Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.’ This testimony is true” (Titus 1:12-13a; pp. 29-30). Dr. Hird expands on this assessment by drawing from Crete’s ancient history as a habitation for pirates.

Hird then makes a comparison between the cultures of ancient Crete and modern North America. He concludes that our North American culture has many characteristics of a culture of “pirates.” Using this thesis, he then demonstrates the relevance of Paul’s instructions to Titus for today: “If the Cretans can be delivered from piracy through Titus, there is hope for even North Americans” (49).

Those expecting an exegetical commentary of Titus will not find it in this book. Instead, as Hird walks with us through Titus, verse-by-verse, he provides basic explanations of the text. These explanations are liberally illustrated by the use of interesting and useful anecdotes, many drawn from his personal experiences.

Here are a couple of examples. Discussing the issue of drunkenness (1:7), Dr. Hird uses the life of Johnny Cash as an extended illustration of God’s power in battling addiction (37-40). Titus 1:10 becomes an opportunity to address the modern North American phenomena of yoga and labyrinth-praying as spiritually dark, deceptive, and dangerous practices (49-53).

The actual text is relatively short – fewer than 70 pages. A bibliography (3 pp.) and extensive endnotes (11 pp.) are provided.

Overall I found this book readable, enjoyable, and profitable.

Dr. John B. MacDonald41e4vv1ejtl. ss218

My purpose

My goal through living theology is to equip and encourage you to become more like Jesus Christ and to live all of life with God-honoring competence and joy.

My content

To further that goal, I focus on providing you with practical resources for disciple-making and church health.

By ‘church health’ I do not mean ‘church’ as an institution. Rather I have in view communities of Christians – ‘Jesus communities’ – living out the values of the Kingdom of God in their ‘here and now’. The same goes for disciple-making – living and growing as followers of Jesus in all of life.

My biography

I became a follower of Jesus in my university years.

I had practised law for over 27 years when I accepted an invitation to pastor and teach within a Jesus community in Metro-Vancouver, Canada. More than 12 full and interesting years have passed. I’m an associate with Outreach Canada with a strong desire for the health of churches and the making of disciples – and I’m back practising law a couple of days a week. I’m also writing, speaking, and teaching in areas of practical theology with an emphasis on living theology.

Over the years I’ve completed an M.A. in Biblical Studies at Regent College (Vancouver), and a Doctor of Ministry. My doctoral thesis was at the intersection of leadership, conflict, and spiritual formation. I’ve taught in universities, colleges, churches, conferences, retreats, and seminars in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

One exciting project I’m working on is the re-discovery of Matthew as a practical and effective paradigm for making disciples. The research, field-testing, and development of this resource is still a work-in-progress.

Sharon and I have been married for 37+ years and have been blessed with four grown children, two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren – so far.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Captain Reed Fleming’s take on Restoring Health

“Rev. Dr. Ed Hird makes a compelling case that 21st Century North America is very similar to 1st Century Crete, an island of pirates. He uses Paul’s letter to Titus to unpack a prescription for health and recovery from a pirate-like life. He shares many personal stories along the way. A worthwhile read!”

Captain Reed Fleming

Street Hope Chaplain, Threshold Ministries

“I’m excited about being a part of the Kingdom of God. We launched Street Hope Saint John in the fall of 2012 and gather regularly at 36 Sewell Street in Uptown Saint John. The times together are centered on three themes:

1.) Study and worship – We believe there is no higher calling than to worship God. We believe that for Street Hope to be a catalyst in the community we must find ourselves in God’s presence and grow in our knowledge of Him. Street Hope gather as a community for worship, study and prayer at least once a day.

2.) Outreach & Maintenance Programs – The emphasis here is to provide venues where people can find freedom in Christ, from a variety of addictions and behaviours. Many of the founding members of the community come from lives ensnared in these addictions, so the program is of use in maintaining their freedom while reaching out to help others in the wider community to find such freedom. This involves 12 Step studies, an Overcomers program and a variety of video and guest speakers and ministries. This is the main way in which people become new members of the community.

3) Serving the Master – The community and its individuals serve the wider community. This is mainly done through volunteering with other existing ministries, particularly those that serve the marginalized of our city. Examples are: Out of the Cold, Out Flow, Hope Mission, Salvation Army Friendship Centre, and mission activities sponsored by local churches.

-The sequel book Restoring Health: body, mind and spirit is available online with Amazon.com in both paperback and ebook form. In Canada, Amazon.ca has the book available in paperback and ebook. It is also posted on Amazon UK (paperback and ebook), Amazon France (paperback and ebook), and Amazon Germany (paperback and ebook).

Restoring Health is also available online on Barnes and Noble in both paperback and Nook/ebook form.  Nook gives a sample of the book to read online.

Indigo also offers the paperback and the Kobo ebook version.  You can also obtain it through ITunes as an IBook.

To receive a signed copy within North America, just send a $20 cheque (USD/CAN) to ED HIRD, 1008- 555 West 28th Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2J7, Canada.

– In order to obtain a signed copy of the prequel book Battle for the Soul of Canada, please send a $18.50 cheque to ‘Ed Hird’, #1008-555 West 28th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7N 2J7. For mailing the book to the USA, please send $20.00 USD.  This can also be done by PAYPAL using the e-mail ed_hird@telus.net . Be sure to list your mailing address. TheBattle for the Soul of Canada e-book can be obtained for $9.99 CDN/USD.

-Click to download a complimentary PDF copy of theBattle for the Soul study guide :  Seeking God’s Solution for a Spirit-Filled Canada

You can also download the complimentary Leader’s Guide PDF: Battle for the Soul Leaders Guide

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Thomas Law’s take on Restoring Health


Restoring Health: Body, Mind and Spirit

By Ed A. Hird

Published by His Publishing Group, 2014.

ISBN 978-0-9782022-1-7

Tom Law: “Although the author comes from another faith tradition within the Christian church he has a lot to say to me and others. His insightful walk through the book of Titus makes the book come alive. As he adds modern day examples of what was going on in Titus’ time it makes the book come alive and helps us to understand how timeless the Bible really is.

As the author says, “What if the book of Titus contained the key to a more healthy life, even to healthy leadership? The book ‘Restoring Health: body, mind and spirit’ focuses on strengthening a new generation of healthy leaders. Drawing on examples from Titus’ healthy leadership in the pirate island of Crete, it shows how North Americans can embrace a holistically healthy life.”

About the Author:

Rector of St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver, B.C., having served there since 1987. Ordained in 1980, he also served at St. Philip’s Vancouver and St. Matthew’s Abbotsford. He and his wife Janice have three sons James, Mark, and Andrew. He served as Chaplain and President for Alpha Canada. As the National Chair for Anglican Renewal Ministries of Canada, he was one of three co-signers of the Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials.

For the past 27 years, he has written over 450 articles as a columnist on spiritual issues for local North Vancouver newspapers. In the last number of years, he has had the opportunity to lead conferences and retreats in Honduras, Rwanda, Washington State, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Newfoundland, and Toronto.

Available online with Amazon.com in both paperback and ebook form

In Canada, Amazon.ca has it available in paperback and in e-book.

It is also posted on Amazon UK (paperback and ebook ), Amazon France (paperback and ebook), and Amazon Germany (paperback and ebook).

Restoring Health is also available online on Barnes and Noble in both paperback and Nook/ebook form. Nook gives a sample of the book to read online.

Indigo also offers the Kobo ebook version.

Book Reviewer: Tom Law is constantly seeking to climb the next mountain. One person has characterized him as “called to challenge the status quo.” Tom sees challenges as opportunities to drive forward. He desires to create an environment where attempting new things is the norm.

Tom practices a pro-active style of leadership. Tom understands that he needs to surround himself with those who exhibit strong trends in the areas where he is weak in order to have a balanced leadership. Therefore, even though he is a strong “Lion”, he enables and empowers others. Tom has a gregarious personality and his organizational style reflects this openness. Tom values networking.

Tom is a life-long learner. Over the course of the last few years Tom has read over 200 books and developed booksummaries.tomlaw.org. These books represent an eclectic range of subjects so as to keep and develop a wide ranging understanding of life, his ministry and those around him.

Discipleship is more caught than taught. As we relate to those around us they see that God has really made a difference in our lives and can do as much for them. This begins with the leadership of the church setting the example and creating expectancy in the congregation. Tom is convinced that if we can get this one piece right we will solve most of the church’s problems. More prayer, more giving, more going will result.

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The Internet of Things

Check out The #Internet of Things with Bob Grahame http://t.co/i7JtuhHtZz

About Bob Grahame, author of the upcoming book “The Future Never Arrives”

The future never arrives… at least not as expected… it brings baggage. Living in a jungle of technology—the Technojungle—can be stressful and dehumanizing. This blog and the books I am working towards are about reclaiming our humanity in a technology dominated world.


I have been writing a blog for some years as just casual writing about my life and topics of interest or observations about the world I live in. Some months ago, I was encouraged to focus more on technological change and dehumanization. As I wrote a few more articles, the idea of writing a book emerged.

It is one thing to write a few article now and then about something. It seems to be another thing to write a more lengthy work. One must become more of an expert. Maybe the task of working toward the more lengthy work, results in a journey to becoming more of an expert.

Either way, the task mushrooms and one reason is the velocity of technological change. As I devote more attention to what is happening, it seems that I hear of something new on the horizon and suddenly, it is here. It makes things a bit more difficult to aim at, since the it is a moving target.

When I decided to take on this endeavour, I realized that there was quite a bit already being written about what is developing and quite a bit about what we will be able to do in the future. It dawned on me that I was still hearing those idilic promises I began to hear as a kid about what technology was going to do for humans.

This gave me a good idea for a starting point. I, a boomer, grew up hearing about the future. I was always looking for that which was futuristic. Then I realized something. This is supposed to be the future—now, today. But where was it? This isn’t the future I have been envisioning for so many years from the promises made by scientists and futurists.

So, that became the focus of the book. In a eureka moment, I realized that the future never arrives. At least not as expected. And, it seems to come with unpredicted baggage.

By the time that sank in, I was already on my way to writing and planning a pretty daunting book for my first effort. I decided to break it up and get a smaller book done to sort of test the waters. It is still a slow process for me, however, I am hoping that, since it was writing a blog that got me going on the book, perhaps doing a dedicated blog as I work on the book will help keep me on track.

One more thing about my approach to this. I want to sort of zoom out and take a more general view of what is happening with technological change. I figure I might make something that would have a longer shelf-life that way.

Thus, this blog come website is my way of generating momentum for my writings about the adopted topic(s). Perhaps others out there may chime-in from time to time and that might help with my direction and focus. I think the books will emerge from just regularly writing and remaining emerged in the stream of technological change.


Robert Grahame

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Video Greetings on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary

Greetings from Bishop Dr. Silas Ng on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary


The Rev. Ken Bell’s Greetings on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary


Pastor Owen Scott’s Greetings on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary

70th Cross



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