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The real ‘Final Frontier’

I commend to you Bob Grahame’s interesting reflections on Star Trek and the real final frontier. Will we ever reach a point when our computers cannot be turned off?

Bob, by the way, is also a gifted photographer whose photo is on the front cover of my sequel Restoring Health: body, mind and spirit.

The Technojungle Project Blog

As we hurl ourselves down the technological path toward a life assisted by artificial intelligence, we need to ask some questions that have been asked for decades by science fiction writers. These are serious questions that we all should be asking and considering. Turning our lives over to intelligent machines might just have some pitfalls that we may not foresee.

The truth is that we are not living simple harmonious lives with our technology. Our lives are complex, full of anxieties and overwhelming. Technology is developing faster than we can keep up. We simply ‘attempt’ to find a way of managing. In the midst of all the technology and information clutter, we are being led into a life where very smart, artificially intelligent, machines are going to be integrated ever deeper into our lives and in very important aspects of our lives.

Fifty years ago, around 1965, likely a couple…

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