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The Internet of Things Part 2 with Bob Grahame

Bob Grahame is writing an upcoming book on ‘Being Human in the Technojungle.’ You are invited to check out his Coffee Shop reflections on the Internet of Things Part 2.

About Bob Grahame, author of the upcoming book “The Future Never Arrives”

The future never arrives… at least not as expected… it brings baggage. Living in a jungle of technology—the Technojungle—can be stressful and dehumanizing. This blog and the books I am working towards are about reclaiming our humanity in a technology dominated world.


I have been writing a blog for some years as just casual writing about my life and topics of interest or observations about the world I live in. Some months ago, I was encouraged to focus more on technological change and dehumanization. As I wrote a few more articles, the idea of writing a book emerged.

It is one thing to write a few article now and then about something. It seems to be another thing to write a more lengthy work. One must become more of an expert. Maybe the task of working toward the more lengthy work, results in a journey to becoming more of an expert.

Either way, the task mushrooms and one reason is the velocity of technological change. As I devote more attention to what is happening, it seems that I hear of something new on the horizon and suddenly, it is here. It makes things a bit more difficult to aim at, since the it is a moving target.

When I decided to take on this endeavour, I realized that there was quite a bit already being written about what is developing and quite a bit about what we will be able to do in the future. It dawned on me that I was still hearing those idilic promises I began to hear as a kid about what technology was going to do for humans.

This gave me a good idea for a starting point. I, a boomer, grew up hearing about the future. I was always looking for that which was futuristic. Then I realized something. This is supposed to be the future—now, today. But where was it? This isn’t the future I have been envisioning for so many years from the promises made by scientists and futurists.

So, that became the focus of the book. In a eureka moment, I realized that the future never arrives. At least not as expected. And, it seems to come with unpredicted baggage.

By the time that sank in, I was already on my way to writing and planning a pretty daunting book for my first effort. I decided to break it up and get a smaller book done to sort of test the waters. It is still a slow process for me, however, I am hoping that, since it was writing a blog that got me going on the book, perhaps doing a dedicated blog as I work on the book will help keep me on track.

One more thing about my approach to this. I want to sort of zoom out and take a more general view of what is happening with technological change. I figure I might make something that would have a longer shelf-life that way.

Thus, this blog come website is my way of generating momentum for my writings about the adopted topic(s). Perhaps others out there may chime-in from time to time and that might help with my direction and focus. I think the books will emerge from just regularly writing and remaining emerged in the stream of technological change.


Robert Grahame