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IMG_0722A great book review by Rev. Jim Wilson

for better for worse-Click to check out our newest marriage book For Better For Worse: discovering the keys to a lasting relationship on Amazon. You can even read the first two chapters for free to see if the book speaks to you.


By James Wilson

The idea that most or all of what we consider the main causes of divorce – adultery, money issues, poor communication, too entangled with families of origin – are symptoms rather than causes is just one of the many refreshing and hope filled gifts Ed and Janice Hird offer in their latest book, For Better or Worse: Discovering the Keys to a Lasting Relationship.  This book is written with crispness and incision – it cuts to the chase in plain English. They are not shy about baring their own work-in-progress status, which makes for an attractively candid book.  But the real prize is freedom.  The freedom to be authentically married is a pearl of great price.

  1. S. Lewis said, “It is what we do with our solitude that makes us fit for company.” The recurrent thesis of the book is that only when we become fully…

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