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Unplanned surpasses Captain Marvel…

Ed HIrd aka racing car driverIt’s remarkable to see that the highly censored Unplanned movie has more turnout per screen average than Captain Marvel. Who would have expected? Click to read the story.

..And I enjoyed the Captain Marvel show 
Here is my morning thought: What if with the improvement in science, our society concentrated on helping #abortions be safe for both the woman and their child? There are hundreds of thousands of childless women who would be willing to adopt these babies, perhaps even scientifically by carrying the child/fetus to term in an alternative womb, that of the childless woman. Alternatively, incubators and scientific treatment of unborn children are making the viability issue much more feasible for very young unborn children. Any thoughts from some of my pro-abortion or #pro-choice friends? What if we could care for both mother and child?


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Unplanned movie is soaring…

After having its TV spots shut out by my most mainstream cable networks and its Twitter account frozen for two-three hours yesterday, PureFlix’s feature Unplanned, which was slapped with an R rating by the MPAA, opened to $6.1M at 1,059 theaters, making it the second-best opening for the faith-based studio’s self-distributed titles after God’s Not Dead 2 ($7.6M). To read more, click on the following link.

p.s. For Canadians, the film is showing just across the border in Bellingham at Regal Cinemas Barkley Village 16 IMAS & RPX, 3005 Cinema Place, Bellingham, WA, 98226, USA.