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Thy Kingdom Come

Our theme is ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ for the upcoming July 10th to 12th 2020 BC Christian Ashram at TWU with Revs Steve Schroeder & Rod Ellis. http://www.bcchristianashram.com
The Christian Ashram founder Dr E. Stanley Jones wrote a lot about the Kingdom of God. In his book The Word Became Flesh (pp.323-329), Jones said that the Kingdom is Jesus and Jesus is the Kingdom. The Kingdom is the Christlike spirit universalized. Jesus incarnating the Kingdom is a whole redemption. Jesus was obsessed with the Kingdom of God using the expression or its equivalent a hundred times. Jesus made the Kingdom central. The more I belong to Christ and his kingdom, the more I belong to myself. The Kingdom is a total discipline that brings total deliverance. O God, forgive us, forgive us that we have lost the central emphasis of your gospel, the Kingdom. The absolute Order – the Kingdom of God – is embodied in the Absolute Person – the Son of God.”