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Schedule for the July 10th to 12th North American Christian Ashram

Schedule for the online July 10th to 12th North American Christian Ashram


3:30-4:30 (PST) Open Heart/Music

4:30-5:15 Bible Hour—Phyllis Nesbitt

5:15-6:00 Prayer Group/Discussion

6:15-7:00 Evangelist—Matt Henson


7:00am Morning Devotion/Music

8:00am-8:45am Bible Hour—Michael Brunner

9:00am-9:45am Discussion/Prayer Group

10:00am-10:45am Evangelist—Anna Robbins

3pm Healing Service/Music


7:00am Morning Devotion/Music

8:00am Evangelist Hour

9:00am Overflowing Heart

Dismiss No Later than 11am

Dial in today to check out the online North American Christian Ashram. There is no registration cost. Donations are welcome. You are invited to pass this on to others.

(If you have any trouble using Google Chrome to register, just use your mouse’s scroll button.)