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Trucker’s Protest in Ottawa

Dear Peace Arch News editor,I am writing to express appreciation for Alex Browne’s February 10th A4 article on the Truckers and our local MP Kerry-Lynne.

It is good that the truckers are now guarding the Terry Fox statue from any future incident. I have heard hundreds of times in the last few weeks in Canadian media about the sole confederate flag. Few reported as our MP noted that the truckers themselves had caused the confederate flag owner to leave. To be honest, I have never seen much of a movement among Canadians to restore the southern confederacy. 😉 Yet our Prime Minister used that as an excuse to snub the truckers who are asking to sit down with him. What might happen if our PM stopped demonizing and smearing the truckers and offered an olive leaf to these hard-working Canadians? Protest, while embedded in our democracy, can easily go wrong as they drag on. Let’s work and pray for a just peaceful resolution sooner than later.Rev Dr Ed Hird