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Less than a month ago

2022 BC Christian Ashram Retreat
Would you be willing to pray about joining us online on Friday July 8th 2:30pm to Sunday July 10th 1pm (PST) for the 2022 BC Christian Ashram retreat? It is less than a month away.
We are very much looking forward to hearing our dynamic guest speakers Pastors Giulio & Lina Gabeli. Our 2022 theme is ‘Thy Will Be Done’. We believe that this online retreat will jumpstart your spiritual life, giving you unexpected breakthroughs in your relationships.
To check out the BC Christian Ashram, just click here.
To register online, click here.
Jesus is Lord!
Yours in Christ’s refreshing love,
Rev Dr Ed Hird
p.s. Could you pass this invitation to others, perhaps in your church, who might be interested?
p.p.s. If you are too far away, you can check out a closer Christian Ashram.
P.p.s. To learn more about the United Christian Ashram movement, just click on https://engage.lightmagazine.ca/2019/11/01/dr-e-stanley-jones-global-firestarter/ and https://lightmagazine.ca/2022/04/07/dr-e-stanley-jones-and-the-united-christian-ashram-healing-service/