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Love to see you this morning

I’m happy to announce that we’re having Church@Church this Sunday morning. This week is Trinity Sunday and we’re celebrating the Holy Trinity: one God in three persons. A difficult concept for anyone to understand, and yet one of our cornerstone doctrines. This Sunday is also Vision Sunday. We’re going to emphasize the Vision and Mission of All Saints Community Church. The All Saints Elders will also share with us.
So come, join us and help celebrate the reality of our God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Here’s the announcement:
Church @ Church this Trinity Sunday the 12th June at 10:00am
In case you missed it, you can find the service from last week (Pentecost Sunday) by clicking HERE.
And, don’t forget:

  1. This Sunday we’re hosting a Community Potluck Lunch after the service. Bring some food (if you can)—everyone is welcome. (Please note that until our renovations are complete, we do not have facilities for either heating or cooling food.)
  2. At 2:00pm on Sunday we’re hosting an All Saints Family Gathering to discuss the future of our building. We’d love to hear your ideas and input. Everyone is welcome. Please join us at 2:00pm even if you don’t attend the Potluck lunch.
    If you have any further questions about these events, or anything else for that matter, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you Church.
    Stay vigilant and prayerful.
    Love each other deeply and keep Jesus at the very centre of everything you do.
    Blessings on all you do.
    The peace of our Lord,
    Peter Klenner
    Bishop and Pastor
    All Saints Community Church
    Crescent Beach