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Property Theft Crime Wave in White Rock/South Surrey?

LETTERS: Peninsula seems to be experiencing a property-theft crime wave – Peace Arch News

January 26th 2023

Dear Peace Arch News Editor,
When we moved to the South Surrey/White Rock area, we were impressed by how peaceful and friendly that the neighborhood was. As President of our Strata Complex, we have seen very little crime and breakins until the last few months when we have been broken into several times. So have other neighbouring complexes.
It feels to many like we are experiencing a property theft crime wave with professional criminals moving in from other areas. In talking to our local MLA Trevor Halford, even his office has been broken into.
Since talking to the police, our strata residents are  becoming involved in Blockwatch, something I would recommend for other SSWR neighbours. Improving security camera systems and hardening access doors is key for all SSWR complexes.
Are however the provincial and federal governments letting us down with bail being too easy for repeat and even violent offenders? Our local MP is calling for an end to the ‘catch and release’ program with criminals. Are we tying the hands of our police?

Let’s make South Surrey/White Rock safe again for law-abiding citizens.

Rev. Dr. Ed Hird