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Surrey Deserves a Lasting Choice

As a Surrey resident, I appeal for a binding Police Referendum to solve this intractable conflict. SPS Chief Lipinski is right that this has dragged on too long. Our SPS & RCMP officers and families deserve clarity about their futures. We especially need to know who is refusing to sign the confidentiality agreement and slowing any resolution.  Councillor Linda Annis who has called for a referendum has already signed the confidentiality agreement.

Why do the Provincial NDP seem reluctant to let us choose? It was after all a referendum in 1950 that gave us the Surrey RCMP, replacing our Surrey Municipal Force. If Surrey residents are not allowed a choice by Mayor Locke & the NDP government, we will remember this in the next mayoralty and provincial elections. Only a referendum can break this political  logjam.

Rev Dr Ed Hird

Check out the original Vancouver Sun article

Just published in the Vancouver Sun

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Join us

This Sunday is one of the most important Sundays in the Christian calendar. It is Pentecost Sunday. The day when the Holy Spirit was given to God’s people and The Church was born. It is literally the birthday of The Church. You can read about this account in the book of Acts chapter 2. One of the miracles of the coming of the Holy Spirit, was that everyone present—many from different nations—was able to hear the Gospel in their own language. This Sunday we’re going to reenact that story. Our service will be conducted in the seven different languages represented in our present church community. And if you have “national” dress, or something symbolic that represents where you come from, please wear it. This Sunday we truly will be a multicultural, Spirit-filled, Gospel Church.
So come, join us as we worship the triune God together. Here’s the announcement:
Church @ Church this Sunday—the 28th May at 10:00am
In case you missed it, you can find our service for last Sunday (Ascension / Vision Sunday) HERE.
Last Sunday we also premiered our new Oikos Fundraising Video. You can see that by clicking HERE. (Please share this video with your friends and family.)
Important Dates for this week:
Ladies’ Refresh 10:30 am every Tuesday. All ladies and girls welcome.
Thursday Support Group: Every Thursday. Everyone welcome: 6:00pm bring your own dinner; 7:00pm Bible Study at the church.
The British Columbia Christian Ashram in-person/online hybrid retreat will be at TWU on July 7th to 8th 2023 with Dr. John Roddam, Rev. Dr. Rodney Ellis, & Rev Matt Hansen on the theme “On Earth as in Heaven”. See the Rev. Dr. Ed Hird for details.
Our next Community Lunch is Sunday June 11th. Bring some food to share. (Please note we don’t yet have facilities for warming or cooling.) Everyone welcome.
If you have any further questions, or need help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you Church.
Stay vigilant and prayerful.
Love each other deeply and keep Jesus at the very centre of everything you do.
Blessings on all you do.
The peace of our Lord,
Peter Klenner
Bishop and Pastor
All Saints Community Church
Crescent Beach