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Thanking God for the Angus Reid Institute

By Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

Faith and Religion in Public Life: Canadians deeply divided over the role of faith in the public square

On this 150th Anniversary of Canada, I am grateful for the role of Angus Reid and the Angus Reid Institute in helping Canadians understand themselves better.

Most research on Faith and Religion has been drawn from American sources which is often a different socio-economic and religious mix.  Because Canada is both 1/10th the population of the USA while geographically larger, there are unique challenges in measuring the Canadian mindset.  While we have many similarities to Americans, it often plays out differently. Americans often feel closest to Canadians, but sometimes miss our uniqueness, assuming that American values are fully expressed in Canada.  Part of the reason why Americans often know less about Canada is because Canadians are seen as relatively harmless and peaceful, in contrast to other more troubling areas of the world. I particularly valued the measuring by province, having lived in both BC and Quebec.

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To learn more about the Angus Reid Institute’s latest research on Faith and Religion in the Canadian Public Square, click on Faith in the Public Square.


The Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

-an article previously published in the Deep Cove Crier/North Shore News and the Light Magazine

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