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Photos from the Alan Hirsch Missional Church Conference at Regent College

Today was a wonderful opportunity to learn from Alan Hirsch, Dr Ross Hastings, and Cam Roxborough teaching about the Missional Church.

Alan Hirsch teaching at Regent College
Alan Hirsch shares his Jewish Australian humour and his deep love for his Messiah Jesus
Dr Ross Hastings and Cam Roxborough respond to Alan Hirsch’s presentation
Dr Ross Hastings and Cam Roxborough are key strategists in the Missional Church movement
Alan Hirsch listening carefully to Dr Ross Hastings and Cam Roxborough’s feedback
Anthony Brown of Forge Ministries speaking with Alan Hirsch
Dr Ross Hastings shared in his workshop about the theological foundations of being missional
Dr Ross Hastings shares about the three ‘greats’ in Mission
Flyn Ritchie, the former Publisher of BC Christian News at the Alan Hirsch conference
Pastors Matthew and Winnie Low from Agape Church Burnaby

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It was a great privilege to spend Saturday at the Alan Hirsch missional conference