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Kings of Hearts now available

by Rev Ed Hird


My good friend, The Rev Dr Rod Ellis, has been actively involved in ministry for over 35 years.  We had the privilege of leading a Renewal Mission at his congregation a few years ago.


He is the former Rector of Church of Our Lord in Victoria, British Columbia where he served for many years. Rod is married to Lynne and they have three adult children, a son-in-law and daughter-inlaw, and a grandchild.  His book ‘King of Hearts’ was  published by Elation Press, Victoria, British Columbia

King of Hearts: David: Man of Devotion, Living with Passion, Power and Purpose of two

kings, one who was a shepherd boy who became

– a story of two kings of Israel, one the King of Israel, the other, King of Kings, born in a lowly manger as our Saviour and how their lives are inextricably linked. Drawing from the wisdom and experience of nearly four decades of ministry, this work examines the life of King David and his unique relationship with God. As a man, David has his failings, but he is most noted for his triumphs. Dr. Rod Ellis looks at how we can have a relationship with God like the enigmatic King David. Wholly human, yet larger-than-life, David is complex and competent, yet completely full of imperfections. This in-depth study of David takes the reader on a journey where Dr. Rod Ellis shares his own personal accounts of struggles and successes.

Uplifting and challenging oneself with thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, King of Hearts is a quest to unlock the love and greatness that God has gifted us with.

To order the book, please contact Rev Rod Ellis.