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Video clips of the late Rev David Cline


This short clip wonderfully illustrates so much of what was celebrated at Rev David Cline’s funeral by his children Alva Cline, Anne Campbell, Janice P Hird, and John Cline. We give thanks for his wonderful humour, wisdom, kindness, and honouring of others.

The three Cline brothers (David, Fred, & Steve) are delightful to listen to in this short video with their humorous family stories. Did you know that Rev David Cline’s first sermon happened in a snowstorm when the preacher couldn’t turn up? His dear mom said that it was the best sermon she had ever heard.

You can see from this short video clip with Ric & Anne Campbell’s daughter Jane & her new husband Paul why so many hundreds of couples asked Rev David Cline to take their weddings. There was such a deep kindness and love that flowed from David, even as his health was challenged. What a blessing to end well, becoming sweeter rather than grumpier.

Watching a short video of Rev David Cline’s 90th birthday at White Rock Presbyterian Church brings back many memories, as many of those people were also recently at his funeral this week. In this video, Janice P Hird, James Hird, & Mark Hird lead the congregation in singing Joyful, Joyful. You can see various Cline family members like Alva Cline, Boyd Dun, Anne Campbell, John Cline, Karen Cline, Matt Cline, Lori Cline Flath, Jayme Cline, Erin M. Campbell-Crenshaw…

Such sweet stories in the short video clip with the Cline brothers sharing how they were called to ordained ministry. Vera Cline was key to David’s calling, and a prayer group after a Crusade was key for Fred. My question to Alva Cline, Anne Campbell, Janice P Hird, and John Cline is what they might want to add to this fascinating story.

Great reflections in this short video about their Mom Edna Bishop Cline by the four Cline sons. Alva Cline, Anne Campbell, Janice P Hird, and John Cline, What do you remember about your grandmother Cline?

Isn’t it amazing how God can bring such blessing on a family heritage? Rev John Cline, son of the late Rev Dave Cline, shares in this short video of how a humble Sunday School launched four Clines in ministry.

Rev David Cline’s 2016 Remembrance Day presentation on a short video


Memorable. This may have been the late Rev David Cline’s last public address, as he told a moving story of older Jewish people escaping the Nazis through a mountain pass. When tempted to give up and die, they were given young children to carry. All made it to safety. Similarly David Cline gave his last remaining strength to generously give to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He loved to carry his family and place them in Jesus’ loving arms.

Rev David Cline reflects in a short video on the Greater Vancouver 1984 Billy Graham Crusade

David Cline, as one of the co-founders of the BC Christian Ashram, was always encouraging people to check out this life-giving retreat.