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July 14th to 16th BC Christian Ashram Retreat at TWU

Dear friends ,CDNT0473

You are invited (if close enough) to join us with Dr Darrell Johnson at the July 14th to 16th BC Christian Ashram retreat at Trinity Western University. Click to open up the brochure.

This Friday June 30th 12noon is the deadline for room and board at TWU for the BC Christian Ashram retreat. After this, you can still register to attend as a daycamper.

To register online, click on ‘registration’
To find a Christian Ashram Retreat close to you, just click on ‘nearest location’.   The term ‘ashram’ is a Sanskrit term that means ‘a’ (apart from) ‘shram’ (work), or retreat.  It was founded in 1930 by the well-known author and 50-year Methodist missionary to India Dr. E Stanley Jones.  Watch a short video to explain what happens at Christian Ashram retreats.

Hope to see you there.

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Jesus is Lord!


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