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Love to see you this morning

I’m happy to announce that we’re having Church@Church this Sunday morning. This week is Trinity Sunday and we’re celebrating the Holy Trinity: one God in three persons. A difficult concept for anyone to understand, and yet one of our cornerstone doctrines. This Sunday is also Vision Sunday. We’re going to emphasize the Vision and Mission of All Saints Community Church. The All Saints Elders will also share with us.
So come, join us and help celebrate the reality of our God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Here’s the announcement:
Church @ Church this Trinity Sunday the 12th June at 10:00am
In case you missed it, you can find the service from last week (Pentecost Sunday) by clicking HERE.
And, don’t forget:

  1. This Sunday we’re hosting a Community Potluck Lunch after the service. Bring some food (if you can)—everyone is welcome. (Please note that until our renovations are complete, we do not have facilities for either heating or cooling food.)
  2. At 2:00pm on Sunday we’re hosting an All Saints Family Gathering to discuss the future of our building. We’d love to hear your ideas and input. Everyone is welcome. Please join us at 2:00pm even if you don’t attend the Potluck lunch.
    If you have any further questions about these events, or anything else for that matter, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you Church.
    Stay vigilant and prayerful.
    Love each other deeply and keep Jesus at the very centre of everything you do.
    Blessings on all you do.
    The peace of our Lord,
    Peter Klenner
    Bishop and Pastor
    All Saints Community Church
    Crescent Beach

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Strengthening Marriage: Bridging Emotional Cutoff

For keeners, feel free to read my doctoral thesis on strengthening marriages. Our 45 years of marriage for better for worse has taught us a lot that we love to pass on to others.

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Ed Hird



Doctoral Thesis Project Strengthening Marriages BEC(pdf)



A Doctor of Ministry Project submitted

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Ministry

Vancouver, British Columbia

May 2013



The undersigned certify that they have read, and recommend for acceptance a

Doctor of Ministry Project entitled



In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF MINISTRY.


Dr. Patrick J. Ducklow (Supervisor)


Dr. James J. Ponzetti, Jr.

Date: May 26th 2013



NAME OF AUTHOR: Edward Allen Hird

TITLE OF PROJECT: Strengthening Marriage: Bridging Emotional Cutoff



Permission is hereby granted to the John Allison Library to reproduce copies of this…

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Healing marriages in Rwanda

Our 45th wedding anniversary today (May 21st 2022) reminds me of our passion we have for strengthening marriages throughout the world, including Rwanda.

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After the first marriage seminar in Ruhanga, we went for the next four days with Archbishop Emmanuel #Kolini and Rev Dr Tim Smith to speak on marriage at the Kibungo Diocesan Annual Conference involving 1200 participants. Kibungo, where we were previously in May is in Eastern Rwanda near the Tanzanian border. Click to view some Kibungo Convention photos.

It was a privilege to be teaching along with other great speakers like Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, Rev Dr Tim Smith of Alabama, Bishop Assiel of Kigeme, Bishop Nathan of Butare, Bishop John Ruchayana, and Rev Dr Antoine, Principal of the Kigali Theological Seminary. Drawing on our new book For Better, For Worse), the Hirds taught on forgiveness and the five languages of apology in one’s marriage , based on Gary Chapman’s amazing book.

Click to see more Kibungo Convention photos,other photos, and yet more photos. The Sunday…

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Final Rwandan Marriage Seminar

Reflecting on our 45th wedding anniversary today (May 21st 2022), it was such a privilege to teach on strengthening marriages in Rwanda, and previously in Uganda.

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My wife Janice and I spoke for the final time in Rwanda at Bugesera , south-east Kigali, near the border of the country of Burundi, just 30 minutes from Kigali. We taught on marriage, based on our new book For Better, For Worse), along with Rev Dr Tim Smith (men’s discipleship) and Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini (restoring the family).

Two archdeaconries came together. We were at the Maranyundo Anglican parish. The first martyrs were thrown in the river there in the 1960s. The Anglican Rector Jonas first prayed for forgiveness before being killed. It was a place of snakes, Tsetse flies and malaria where people were sent in exile . Canon John Paul who is the associate at St. Peter’s with Dr Antoine was our interpreter.

The local Archdeacons Stephen and Jean-Pierre, both genocide survivors, were our hosts.

Click to see photos of the Bugesera marriage seminar.

P. S. Click…

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Strengthening Marriage: Bridging Emotional Cutoff

This summarizes my doctoral thesis on strengthening marriages. On this 45th wedding anniversary, I invite you to consider how emotional cutoff may be affecting your marriage, and how this cutoff can be bridged.

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Edward A. Hird, DMin

In this article, I will discuss emotional cutoff as it relates to marriage through the perspective of Bowen theory, how use of theory can help bridge cutoff and how, in a Judeo-Christian setting, the biblical understanding of covenant can offer a complementary perspective in this task.

At the communion rail with her ex-husband one Sunday, Linda said to the priest, “Someday I would like to marry Lloyd again.” As Linda had said this several times in coaching sessions—and Lloyd had said the same—, the priest asked, “Why not now?” “Sure, why not?” asked Linda. The congregational atmosphere was electric as communion unexpectedly concluded with a marriage service. Linda and Lloyd Lindsay (names changed) had been divorced for six years. The wedding sixteen years ago was followed by pastoral marriage coaching and the church’s Strengthening Marriage Workshop, based on Bowen theory. The couple’s step back into marriage…

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Zoom presentation on Healthy Marriages

We wish you a blessed marriage on May 21st 2022, the day of our 45th wedding anniversary.

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Check out our Order of St Luke the Physician zoom session on “For Better, For Worse: Discovering the Keys to a Lasting Relationship”. Check out the For Better For Worse book online.

To purchase any of our six books in paperback or ebook on Amazon, just click on this link.
To receive a personally signed copy of any of our books within North America, just etransfer at ed_hird@telus.net, giving your address. Cheques are also acceptable.

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God’s Firestarters book reviews

Amazon book reviews of God’s Firestarters

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Untold and Encouraging Stories of Christ Followers.

Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2022

Verified Purchase

This book gave me more than I expected. I had heard about some of the life stories of those written about in this book, but Ed and Janice Hird let me in on some of the untold tidbits of their lives that reminded me that they were just ordinary people who God used extraordinarily. In fact, these stories gave me hope that God could and would use me as well, even if being an instrument in His hand brings pain and suffering in my life.

We don’t live for today, we live for an eternity with our King Jesus. This book was an encouragement for me to “finish well”.

Chuck Brooks, Director of MInistry, Baltimore Bible Church

5.0 out of 5 stars

 A good read

Reviewed in Canada on February 14, 2022

Verified Purchase

Thank you Ed and Janice for sharing your extensive research about the rise of many evangelicals pastors, theologians, and missionaries with us. It certainly kindles my heart to sharing the gospel and training others to become God’s Firestarter. I enjoyed this book very much!

Rev. Philip Der.

Thank you very much indeed dear Br. Hird for your latest publication: God’s Firestarters .

I was able to read on my iPad. 

Your labour of love and holy intend is very commendable .

I look at Revival as follows :

Lord Himself is the Author of any Revival .

His chosen ones are instruments or channels in His hands operated by Him through His Spirit’s power in His sovereignty as He pleases for any Revival .

Recipients of the blessings of any Revival could be His own people to fulfill His purposes for building up in the most Holy faith and through them the blessings of the gospel to reach the precious souls in the world .

My prayer is that it may please the Lord to employ your book in His will and wisdom to accomplish His purposes at a time such as this .

With greetings in the Lord and in prayer .

KV Simon

The narrative of Blue Sky reads like a true story. A loving Christian family endures a series of setbacks but due to their faith, they are able to work toward a resolution . This easy-to-read story inspires faith.

John Wright, potter