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David Phillips on Blue Sky

“The recently published novel, Blue Sky communicates powerfully on at least five levels. Unlike many books, this novel set in Spokane, Washington, grows on you after reading it, somewhat like curry after a fine Indian meal.

First, The novel narrates the activities of an almost typical Christian family in the USA. Mother and father, three teens and a younger child, work their way through about five months of the school year. At each turn of the page, the drama grows. However, unlike most families, the suffering grows worse. Thankfully, the family members grow closer together.

Second, the unifying theme centers around forgiveness. There’s lots to forgive in this novel and not everyone ends up acting the way you as the reader might expect.

Third, prayer is a powerful, unseen force for good and the reader reluctantly puts the book down wondering if prayer could be a greater reality in his/her life.

Fourth, various family roles are played out with unexpected consequences. Different kinds of families display differing degrees of love, hatred, indifference and rejection. The book doesn’t end the way you might expect. You as a reader want to replay the story as you answer several very usual questions about family dynamics.

And amazingly, the novel even enters eternity, if ever so briefly. The authors have a great love for the spiritual nature of a person undergoing suffering, even to the point of hearing Jesus Christ speaking peace into the life of a person struggling through deep issues.

I read the book at one sitting, taking my Saturday afternoon to delve into the life of a family who will stay with me a long time. I encourage you to do the same thing. Read this book. Appreciate the care with which the authors share what must be a summary of many years of pastoral care. And wish, along with me, for a sequel to complete the unfinished stories that still stick in your mind.”

David Phillips

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