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Revolutionary Love

By Rev Dr Ed & Janice Hird

We bring you greetings from the Solace Retreat House in Kigali, Rwanda. REVOLUTIONARY LOVE (John 3:16) was the theme of the five-day Healing for the Nations convention in Rwentobo, Uganda. 25,000 delegates attended from many African Nations and around the world. There were many speakers and music groups from Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, and North America. Janice and I spoke daily about how revolutionary love can transform one’s present or future marriage. We taught from Ephesians 5 about mutual submission, love and respect through Jesus.  Our new book For Better, For Worse, drawn from Ed’s doctorate on marriage, was the basis of our marriage talks. We encouraged thousands of couples to strengthen their marriages through rediscovering each other’s hidden strengths, celebrating each other’s differences, valuing the gift of conflict, and balancing closeness & personal space. We shared that marriage is a dance of intimacy in which we need to regularly learn new ‘dance steps’. Marriage is not about settling down but rather about embracing a bold adventure walking together into the often unpredictable future. In a wedding, one makes a for Better, for Worse commitment to one’s partner, come what may. Janice and I shared many humorous and sometimes embarrassing stories about challenges we have faced in our 41 year marriage.

Many couples at the Convention came forward to renew their commitment to their marriage. Others made first-time commitments to finally tie the knot after many years of relationship. In many parts of Africa, paying a bride price to one’s future in laws may involve many cows, making marriage seem financially unreachable. I was reminded that we in Canada sometimes make a wedding , reception and honeymoon so expensive that some young people see marriage as out of reach. I have often married young couples in living rooms or in parks to make weddings more affordable.

After Uganda, we then taught a three day marriage workshop to key Christian leaders in the Northern Rwandan city of Byumba. You may remember that we previously taught about marriage seven years ago in Rwanda. The hospitality and receptivity by the Rwandan delegates was memorable. It is so encouraging to teach people who are hungry to learn and grow. Our future is about healing marriages.

Ed+ is praying for a successor after 31 years as the Rector of St Simon’s. This will enable Ed + and Janice to spend more time writings book and speaking at marriage & renewal conferences. Please join us in prayer for just the right successor.

As we write this article, we are preparing to teach yet another marriage seminar in the southern Rwandan University city of Butare.

Hosted by the dynamic Anglican Bishop Nathan Gasatura, we are looking forward to seeing many more marriage transformed through revolutionary love. Rwanda, having suffered so deeply in the 1994 genocide, is very open to the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness for all. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

Rev Dr Ed & Janice Hird

Rector, St Simon’s North Vancouver


Co-Authors of For Better, For Worse


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What do you know about the songwriter Elisha Hoffman?

Until today in Entebbe, I had no idea that Elisha Hoffman, author of 2,000 hymns, wrote two of my favourite hymns “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” and “Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb?”

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Greetings from Entebbe

On Saturday, we flew ✈️ to Entebbe Uganda 🇺🇬 where we will be spending the next three weeks on our Uganda & Rwanda mission trip, teaching on marriage & renewal. Our first conference where we will be speaking daily is at Rwentobo, the site of the East African Revival that we have been teaching about from 1 John for the past four weeks at St Simon’s. The Healing for the Nations Convention, led by Canon Medad Birungi, had 25,000 people attend last May.

After the Ugandan Convention, we will spend the rest of the time with Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, the Chair of our Anglican Mission College of Consultors. You will remember how he adopted St Simon’s in 2004, describing what we had been through as spiritual genocide. He commented that when there is a burning house, you rescue the children. We are very grateful for his many sacrifices for us.

During our time in Rwanda, we will be teaching on marriage, based on our new book, first in the Diocese of Byumba in the north, then Kigali, and finally in Southern Rwanda at Butare, famous for its University. There will likely be many unexpected changes to the above schedule during these three weeks. Plan ‘G’ is the key 😉

Your prayers are vital for the life change in marriages that we are believing for.

Yours in Christ,

Ed+ & Janice Hird


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Pastor Audrey Mabley endorses the For Better, For Worse book

Audrey Mabley: “I picked up the ‘For Better, For Worse‘ book by Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice P Hird. As I read Chapter One, I could not put it down until the chapter was over … it was so very enlightening to bless my relationship with my husband of 40+ years … the simple yet amazing insight was easy to understand and seemed likewise( easy) to put into practise when I mentioned what I discovered to my husband he has the biggest smile !
Thank you ! I will eagerly read on…”
Most Sincerely Rev Audrey Mabley
Founder of Eternity Club ministry ( 1979)