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Trudeau a hypocrite on climate change for using two campaign planes, Scheer says | The Province

‘I don’t know what types of props or costumes or camping equipment he’s bringing along with him, but he’s made his choice’
— Read on theprovince.com/news/politics/election-2019/scheer-chides-trudeau-for-second-plane-for-campaign-cargo-during-debate/wcm/5a9b8435-7ec9-48fd-b887-d246461d4fbf

I’ve decided to sell one of my two planes. Parking is so expensive 😉

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Letter: Article ‘bullies’ pastor of Coquitlam church | Tri-City News

The Editor, Re. “Candidates won’t attend church meeting” (The Tri-City News, Sept. 19). I am writing to let you know that I and many others are deeply concerned and disappointed in . . .
— Read on www.tricitynews.com/opinion/letters/letter-article-bullies-pastor-of-coquitlam-church-1.23952063

Pastor Giulio Gabeli is a highly respected, kind statesman who consistently shows respect and gentleness to others. Churches should not be slammed for generously providing a venue for a Federal All—candidates meeting.

I would encourage many to attend the upcoming nonpartisan Oct 10th All-Candidates meeting at Westwood Community Church. I agree that it would be appropriate for the Tri-City News to apologize for this highly inaccurate article about Pastor Giulio Gabeli.