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Please join us this Sunday to hear Pastor Owen Scott at St. Simon’s

Owen Scott
Dear friends in Christ,
You will not want (if close enough) to miss this very special Sunday Jan 21st 10am service, with our guest preacher Pastor Owen Scott, recently retired from Valley Church after 31 years of ministry there. Rev. Alex and myself will be leading the communion. There will be a special time at the end for healing prayer. We believe that this will be an unforgettable Sunday. We meet at 420 Seymour River Place in North Vancouver, right across from Maplewood Farms. Please pray about which family and friends to invite.
In Christ,
Ed Hird+
Owen Scott was the Senior Pastor at Valley church since 1986. Owen was born and raised in Davidson, Saskatchewan. After high school Owen attended and graduated from Full Gospel Bible College
Owen then got married to a wonderful woman whom has never left his side since. He then interned in Regina, Sask, pastored in Fruitvale, B.C and Calgary He then taught at Full Gospel Bible College for 4 years Owen and Val then moved back to Regina where he was Associate Pastor for 6 years. Finally in 1986 they came to Vancouver and Valley Church and they have been a blessing to us ever since.
What is your favorite quote?
“He flung himself from the room unto his horse and rode madly off in all directions”
What is your favorite restaurant/coffee shop?
Pajo’s at Steveston for fish & chips…The Red Onion for hot dogs…almost ANY coffee shop will do!
Who is your hero?
Ernest Shackleton (led an expedition to Antarctica)
Who inspires you?
SULLY – successfully landed a plane with 155 passengers in the Hudson River recently
What is your favorite meal?
Macaroni & cheese with a hot-dog on the side!
What do you not like to eat?
Cottage cheese
What is your favourite book – other than the bible?
“A Prayer for Owen Meany”
What is your favourite junk/snack food?
Black Licorice (ie Panda…in case you were thinking of getting him some…)
What is your favourite outdoor activity?
What is your best thing to do on your day off?
Walking…exploring…finding a great coffee shop or bakery
What do you avoid doing?
Going anywhere near snow…
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Opening Christmas presents
If you could pick a super power what would it be?
??????? I have a SUPER POWER living within me!!!
What was your nickname when you were a kid?
Didn’t have one
What did you want to be when you were 6?
What was your childhood ambition?
To join the circus
What was your first job?
Setting pins at a bowling alley
What is your favorite word?
Can’t think of one…how about JESUS!
What word do you dislike?
What sound do you love?
Birds singing
What profession would you choose if you didn’t do what you do now?
Running a hot-dog stand
What is your favorite characteristic of Christ?
His grace
Obscure Info about me:
Enjoy making folkart…reading…watching a good movie…taking road trips…
Owen Scott,
A Man Who Cares
By Rev. Ed Hird
When I came to the North Shore in 1987, one of the first pastors that I met was Owen Scott, Senior Pastor of Valley Church. Owen has been instrumental in helping bring biblical unity to the North Shore Church, particularly through the 19-year-old North Shore Clergy Prayer Group. Pastors can easily become so busy that they get lost in their own little world.
The North Shore Clergy Prayer Group, which meets every Tuesday noontime at Valley Church, has fostered a climate of mutual respect and Christ-centered love across the denominational barriers. Joining together with other ‘pioneers’ like Pastor John Hardy of Hillside Baptist Church, Rev. Bob Allison of St. Andrew’s & St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, and Pastor Arnie Toews of North Shore Alliance Church, Owen and the fellow North Shore clergy were determined to say no to competitiveness and rivalry among churches.
After almost two decades of regular weekly prayer, the North Shore has become a place where churches and clergy regularly speak well of each other, and even send parishioners to other churches. I remember clearly when Owen Scott phoned me up one day and said that he was sending three of his key people to our St. Simon’s Church with his full blessing. We either bless people or curse them when they leave us. It always hurts to say goodbye, but we have been blessed to be a blessing.
We have discovered through the North Shore Pastors’ Prayer Group that we are all on the same team when we are serving Jesus Christ as Lord. It doesn’t matter so much any more whether we are Baptist or Pentecostal, Anglican or Lutheran, Mennonite or Presbyterian. The same Lord Jesus is served and exalted in all our churches. Owen Scott, like many North Shore clergy, has a passion to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace among the North Shore churches. Yes, we may still have differences in how we may conduct baptisms or lead communion services. But the important thing we’ve discovered is to major on the majors, especially Jesus as Lord!. As St. Augustine of Hippo put it, ‘In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Diversity; and in all things Charity.”
Owen Scott is the kind of person who immediately makes you feel welcome. In a world of busy, distracted professionals, Owen is a man who really cares. That is a key reason why Valley Church http://www.valleychurch.ca in North Vancouver, has grown from 40 in 1986 to around 500 people today (average Sunday Attendance).
Ordained in 1970, Owen and his wife Val previously ministered in Regina & Eston Saskatchewan, Calgary Alberta, and Fruitvale BC. Owen and Val model unity and mutual submission in a way that inspires other marriages.
Mel Sanderson, Valley Church Director of Children’s Ministry, sees Owen as very gifted in the area of shepherding and discipling people. He is very aware of his surroundings. Owen notices when people are struggling and when they have abilities to share. Pastor John Hardy of Hillside Baptist Church sees Owen as having a gift of maintaining community, with an ability to cross over all kind of barriers. Owen’s radiant smile and sense of humour is a large part of that gift.
The Rev. Dr Don Faris, a North Shore United Church minister, believes that one of Owen’s great strengths is that he is so down-to-earth. Owen continually thinks in very practical ways about how the Christian faith applies to every-day life. Both a wonderful joy and a humility are exhibited in Owen’s personality. Part of the security of a strong leader like Owen Scott, says Dr. Faris, is that he can raise up leaders in his congregational team that embody entirely different gifts than the leader’s personal gifts.
Owen has twice been the key-note speaker at the BC Christian Ashram Retreat. The Christian Ashram Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family for both spiritual renewal and holiday fun. Dr. E. Stanley Jones, who started the Christian Ashram movement http://www.christianashram.org/ seventy years ago, has written 28 books, selling millions of copies. .
The Reverend Ed Hird, Rector, St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver

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Bishop Chuck Murphy teaching on Theology of Stewardship

We give thanks for the life and witness of the late Bishop Chuck Murphy. His humorous wisdom was delightful, particularly when he taught on biblical stewardship

Edhird's Blog

(click on each of these short video teachings)

1. Why Bishop Chuck Murphy avoided Tithing

2. When I Write the Check, it Stings

3. Tithing

4. In the Garden of Eden

5. A new willing heart is needed

6. Stewardship insights on Abraham

7. Joseph’s Dreamcoat Stewardship

8. Jesus’ Kingdom insights on stewardship

9. Stewardship insights on Joseph & Moses

10. Stewardship through Jesus’ Parables

11. Prayer on getting out of the boat financially

-To learn more about biblical stewardship, check out the sequel book Restoring Health: body, mind and spirit which is available online with Amazon.com in both paperback andebook form.  Dr. JI Packer wrote the foreword, saying “I heartily commend what he has written.” The book focuses on strengthening a new generation of healthy leaders. Drawing on examples from Titus’ healthy leadership in the pirate island of Crete, it shows how we can embrace a holistically healthy life.

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Is Love a Duty or an Opportunity or both?

Rev Dr Ed Hird preaching a Facebook Live message on Jan 7th from Romans 13:8-14. “Is Love a Duty?”. Is love all we need?

St Simon’s meets at Maplewood School, 420 Seymour River Place, by Maplewood Farms. You are invited to repost.

Our mailing address is 114-1151 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7H 2Y4

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Finding Favour with God at Christmas

Rev Dr Ed Hird preaching a Facebook Live message on Dec 24th 10am from Luke 1:26-38. “Finding Favour with God at Christmas”.

Did you know that each of you are God’s favourite, that God is extending to you right now his unmerited favour & grace because of what Jesus did at Christmas & Easter? Say yes, like Mother Mary, to God’s amazing favour. God is with you. Nothing is impossible with God.

St Simon’s meets at Maplewood School, 420 Seymour River Place, by Maplewood Farms. Please repost. http://www.stsimonschurch.ca Our mailing address is 114-1151 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7H 2Y4

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Preparing The Way of the Lord At Advent

Rev Dr Ed Hird preaching a Facebook Live message from Isaiah 40:1-11 “Preparing the Way of the Lord At Advent”. How are you preparing your heart for Christmas the first Advent?


St Simon’s meets at Maplewood School, 420 Seymour River Place, by Maplewood Farms. Please repost. http://www.stsimonschurch.ca Our mailing address is 114-1151 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7H 2Y4

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