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Archbishop Masimango of the Congo DRC

We just had a wonderful Anglican Mission Clergy Retreat and Summit at Richmond Emmanuel Church with Archbishop Masimango, Anglican Primate of the Congo. The ordinations last night by the Primate were a wonderful blessing.

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Archbishop Masimango

We are having a delightful in-person Anglican Mission Clergy Retreat at Richmond Emmanuel Church for the first time since COViD 19. Archbishop Masimango, the Anglican Primate of the Congo who licenses us and is doing ordinations, is here for both the Clergy Retreat and the AMIC Summit.

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Word Guild Award

It was fun to write about Phil Callaway, our greatest Canadian comedian. Janice P Hird and I were also Word Guild finalists for our God’s Firestarters book 📕.

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Dr Gil Stieglitz

Dr. Gil Stieglitz at Thrive Summit 2020 https://youtu.be/zpZ7AvcYLmw
A great resource on spiritual warfare and how to greater love our spouses and families. Dr Gil Stieglitz was our Anglican Mission in Canada coach for over five years. He had a huge impact on my writing books and newspaper articles, and ultimately on my doing a doctorate on strengthening marriages.