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Predatory or playful?

Letter to the Editor
I enjoyed Lance Peverley’s Peace Arch News Dec 6th column “Time for one last verse as Christmas nears”. In the age of #metoo, sometimes it’s hard to tell if things are merely playful or actually predatory. Is the musically endearing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ a date rape anthem? As a social Worker and Anglican priest, I have worked with many victims of sexual abuse and/or harassment. How many times does a person (Mouse in the score) need to say no to Wolf (the man in the score who kept removing her jacket & hat)? Does the line ‘ what is in this drink’ hint at a mickey, a date rape drug? I welcome a thoughtful non-polarized discussion as people once listen again during this Christmas season to these complicated lyrics.

Rev Dr Ed Hird


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It’s a hairolding experience | myBobLog

This was after a year and a half. Continue on to see the final results. This page is about my spur of the moment decision to grow my hair long and then donate it to cancer patients. THE BEGINNING OF MY STORY: It all began about three and half years ago, in the Summer of…
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John Newton of Amazing Grace game

“We may be rather sure, that riches, if the possessors are not proportionately humble and spiritual, have a direct tendency to nourish the worms of self-conceit and self-will. Such persons expect to be consulted, and that their judgment shall be followed.” -Rev John Newton, abolitionist and author of the Amazing Grace hymn

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Nineteen times higher suicide rate…

Why do you think that scientific studies are finding that people having had #transgender surgery are nineteen times more likely to commit suicide? What are your thoughts? Do you have any other scientific data or online articles on the suicide rates of those who have had this sex reassignment surgery?


Who really were the ‘vikings’? Were any of them your ancestors?

I just ran across a very interesting historical background on the so-called Vikings. Contrary to Hollywood, they didn’t usually wear horned helmets. Did you know that they founded Dublin Ireland?

Do you have any Norsemen/Scandinavians in your family tree? Through DNA testing, I have discovered that I have 4% Norwegian. Norway comes from Old English Norweġ, Norþweġ, from Old Norse Norvegr (“north way”), Norðvegr, from norðr (“north”) + vegr (“way”), contrasted with suðrvegr (“south way”), i.e. Germany, and austrvegr (“east way”), the Baltic lands. Norwegian (1607) is from Medieval Latin Norvegia, with the -w- from Norway.

By the (south) way, the Normans from Normandy who conquered England in 1066 were Norsemen who had lived in Northern France for 150 years and learned to speak French.