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Blue Sky book review by John Cann

“I’m not a novel reader and I don’t read thrillers. However, both I and my wife almost simultaneously asked the question,

“How can two people write a novel?” The introductory chapters didn’t answer the “How”, but they did the “Why.” it was amazing to see the male and female viewpoints so fully intertwined to clearly set the scene for the dynamic action of the rest of the book. The “How” will only come by having been a fly on the wall as they discussed the intricacies of the plot in the preparatory stages.

I saw a “punographic” statement recently. “I read a book on antigravity. I couldn’t put it down.” I didn’t put this book down until I finished it. Having read Ed’s and Janice’s previous works, I can attest to the detailed research that goes into their books. It shows through in spades here as we are very familiar with Spokane. Loved the Blue Sky on the cover.

The Welsh in me felt the “hiraeth” or longing of the setting. Knowing the context of Pastor Ed’s doctoral thesis, the discussion questions opened up a vista of meaning in the main plot of the crimes and consequences. The mystery aspect of the plot burst in with a nothing less than “Vancouver Symphony of Fire” effect. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the glove of the Hirds’ story come to life with the insertion of practical-prayer-warfare hand of the Lord.”

John Cann, former Vancouver FGBMI leader

-Click to read the first two chapters on Amazon

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Blue Sky novel review by Rev Robert & Rita Culver

” Blue Sky is a compelling story of tragedy and illness and how Christians coped with these unforeseen events through private and public prayer. Forgiveness is another principle (forgiving others and accepting their forgiveness). A theme running through the whole story is the ever presence of the Holy Spirit sent in Jesus’ name by the Father who oversees the lives of Christian believers and acts in compassion and mercy. It provokes much thought for us and will always be in our minds to guide us through our own ministries as we deal with life’s problems.”

Click on this Amazon link to purchase the book in paperback or kindle

Rita and Rev. Robert Culver, Ontario, Canada

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Dr Gil Stieglitz’s Blue Sky book review

Gil Stieglitz is an internationally recognized author, speaker, catalyst, counselor, professor, and leadership consultant. He is Campus Pastor of Hillside Christian Church, a mega-church of 4,000, in Roseville,California. He teaches at Christian universities and graduate schools in practical theology (Biola, William Jessup, Western Seminary). He is the president of Principles to Live By, an organization committed to teaching God’s principles in a life-giving way. He sits on several boards, including Thriving Churches International, a ministry extension of Bayside Church, and Courage Worldwide, an organization that builds homes throughout the world to rescue children forced into sexual slavery. He has been a denominational executive for fifteen years with the Evangelical Free Church of America and was the senior pastor of a vibrant church in Southern California for seventeen years.

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Forgetting Valentine’s Day…

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day 🙂

Edhird's Blog

By the Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

Valentine’s Day rolls around every year without fail. Husbands forget Feb 14th at their peril. Somehow our wives interpret our forgetting Valentine’s Day as a sign that we don’t care, that we may be putting other priorities like work and sports above them. So, husbands, be warned. Flowers are much cheaper than lawyers.

After almost forty-three is years of marriage, I love my wife more now than I have ever loved her. To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we flew to England to visit with our youngest son, serving thenas a youth missionary in Newcastle. It is an amazing gift to be married to someone whom you really like to be with. My wife has been that gift to me. She has been so loyal in supporting our 31-year ministry at St. Simon’s North Vancouver from 1987 to 2018. That is why I dedicated my…

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Ten Valentine’s Day Tips

Happy Valentine’s Day

Edhird's Blog

By the Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

What is Valentine’s Day without love? Dr. Gil Stieglitz, author of Marital Intelligence, says that love is meeting needs.  We feel loved when someone else meets our needs.  They feel loved when we meet their needs.

Without love, relationships don’t last.  The Great Physician taught that the greatest commandments are all about love: love God and love our neighbour.  Without loving people, we can’t really love God, because God is love.  All the commandments are fulfilled when we love each other.  We are called to do everything in love, to serve one another humbly in love.  Love is called the Royal Law.  Jesus taught that the Ten Commandments given us by Moses are about love.  When we keep the Ten Commandments from our heart, we are being loving. When we break them, we are being unloving.  The Golden Rule “Do unto others as…

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The Heart of Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. Jesus loves you very much


Edhird's Blog

By the Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

My wife Janice and I will be celebrating our 43rd Wedding Anniversary. Over four decades later, I can say without reservation that I love her more deeply with each passing year. It is too easy to take one’s marriage partner for granted in our extremely busy world. Yet each of us want to feel special and appreciated. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to go to the very heart of what marriage is really all about. Valentine’s Day was birthed in a time much like nowadays when people were encouraged to look down on marriage as an interference with their personal freedoms and careers.

Through attending a Marriage Encounter weekend, I have learned that one of the most romantic things that one can do on Valentine’s Day (and every day) is to write a personal letter to one’s sweetheart.

Despite Napoleon Bonaparte’s extreme busyness…

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