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My first Facebook Live Sermon ‘Rising Life in 2017’

Dear friends,

Through visiting my friend Pastor Marcel Kurtz at Valley Church, I learned how to do Facebook Live.  To test it out, Marcel and I recorded a Facebook Live conversation, viewed by 195 people.  Then I tested it a second time, seen by 365 people, with Pastor Owen Scott who co-ordinates the North Shore Pastors Prayer Fellowship with myself.  After that, I did a Facebook Live about the upcoming Festival of Hope, viewed by 216 people.  Then I did a Facebook Live at the gym on Restoring Health, viewed by 225 people.  The next Facebook Live interview, with 191 viewers, was with Bob Grahame whom I am coaching about his upcoming book The Future Never Arrives: at least not as expected.  Then Janice and myself did a Facebook Live Christmas Greetings, viewed by 730 people.  On Christmas Day, we did a Facebook Live for our son Mark’s sermon, with 238 people watching.  Our most widely viewed Facebook Live has been a Christmas Carolling with the Hird family, seen by 1511 people so far.

On January 1st New Year’s Sunday, I preached my first sermon being recorded on Facebook Live, viewed so far by over 1,800 people. You are invited to check out the New Year sermon from Hebrews 2:10-18 ‘Rising Life in 2017’


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