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Remembering Dad with Gratitude

My late father Ted Hird was remarkably loved by so many. His funeral will be on Saturday July 6th 11am at Victory Memorial Park 14831 28th Avenue
Surrey BC V4P1P3

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By the Rev. Dr. Ed Hird

I thank God for my wonderful father, Ted Hird. It fills me with gratitude to have had a loving father that believed in me. My dad was such an encourager. Over theyears, he often sent me e-mails and notes telling me how pleased he is with my work, my family and my life. I want to be like my late father in his remarkable gift of encouragement. It is so easy to be someone who sees what is wrong with other people. My dad looked for that which is working and builds on it.

When my dad became an electrical engineer in 1950, they were still using test-tubes for radio communication. Many years later, my dad was still growing and learning. I want to be the kind of father who never stops learning, never stops changing, never stops expanding my horizons. Technology…

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