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The Chinese attraction to Jesus

Dr E Stanley Jones, the Billy Graham of India and friend of Mahatma Gandhi, sold millions of his 28 books during his lifetime , being the most widely read spiritual writer in the world. My wife Janice P Hird and I are currently writing a book “E. Stanley Jones: Fire in the Fireplace”.

Dr. E. Stanley Jones, The Way, 1946, p.361

“A Chinese scholar recognizes three reasons why Christ attracts the Chinese mind: (1) Because He is the great Synthesizer —brings life into unity (2) Because of his scholarhood, instead of scholarship — the latter is analysis, the other is synthesis (3) Because of the Kingdom of God. Here is a great scholar seeing the great things in the Christian faith. But often the Church announces the big but deals with the little…we must talk and provide the big, the ultimate; and the only ultimate is the Kingdom.”