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‘I stand’ song by Mark Hird

Mark Hird

By Mark Hird

I stand

Mark Hird


I stand before you Lord and here I stand


To be all I am to praise you


I stand before you Lord before you I stand

                                          D (G) (last time x2)

To be all I am to praise you


Though trouble come

Bm                           Em

Your kingdom come

Am                              G

Because you came for me


The king of days

Bm                     Em

Know all my ways

Em               G           D

Yet you still love me

Comment from Mark Hird: A song I wrote. Feel free to pass it on

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Praise him with singing…


Local Bob Rich Band from Granville Chapel

It is amazing what students can accomplish when they don’t know better.

The Sound of Light Worship Band inspired us to form our own Morning Star Band.


Our Morning Star band started in September 1975 and wrapped up in 1979/80 as we completed our Morning Star Album over an 18-month period. We went across the border for many sessions at the Gossett recording studio.

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