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Trampelling on Serpents and Scorpions

I pray you’ve been safe and healthy this week. I’m glad to announce that we had church again (‪Sunday the 25th of October‬)‬. I’m excited to announce that the Rev. Dr. Ed Hird preached on ‘Trampelling on Snakes and Scorpions” from Luke 10:17-24.
You can find the Service by clicking HERE.
This is a wonderful time to fellowship together.

In Him,
Bishop Peter (and Jenny) Klenner

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NDP targets social conservatives, no apology for ‘anti-democratic’ release – Church for Vancouver

NDP targets social conservatives, no apology for ‘anti-democratic’ release – Church for Vancouver
— Read on churchforvancouver.ca/ndp-targets-social-conservatives-no-apology-for-anti-democratic-release/

This is no longer the party of Tommy Douglas who himself was a Baptist pastor, and didn’t scapegoat and dehumanize the reputation of others to win votes. The weakness of Andrew Wilkinson in not standing up for his socially conservative MLAs does not help the BC Liberals.

Perhaps they forget that the BC Liberals are a merger movement that always needed more than federal liberal voters.

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Project Oikos – All Saints Community Church seeks New Home — The Anglican Mission in Canada

All Saints Community Church is hoping to purchase the Holy Cross Church in
Crescent Beach as their new home.
— Read on www.theamcanada.ca/stories/2020/10/17/project-oikos-all-saints-community-church-seeks-new-home

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Office Space Available

Are you looking for a private office space? Are you tired of working from home? Are you looking for a place to meet clients? A quiet space to work in?

We have individual office spaces available in our Langley office: includes – desk, chair, dedicated phone line, internet, printer/copier/fax, shared kitchen, coffee, tea, washroom.

Very reasonable rent, only $400 per month.

Picture attached.


Steve Almond

Light Christian Media

Cell: 778-893-8417

20218 Fraser Highway, #200

Langley, BC  V3A 4E6  

The Light Magazine: British Columbia

City Light News: Alberta

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thankfulness is the secret to a happy and fulfilled life.
October in Canada is that special time of year when farmers harvest their crops of corn, pumpkins, squash, and winter potatoes. Nowadays in our high-tech urbanized world we forget where our food comes from. In the old days, farmers waited anxiously for a good harvest, knowing that their very future depended on it. Crop failure could mean poverty or even starvation. Much of our early immigration consisted of the victims of European famines, such as the Irish potato famines. There was no Government welfare in those days to buffer a bad crop. As a result, a good crop in the Fall brought heartfelt thanksgiving.

The farmers felt so grateful that they would take part of their crop and rush into the nearest church to give thanks to the Lord of the Harvest. To celebrate a successful wheat harvest, the grain would be ground into fine flour, made into bread and eaten at the communion service. Children, in particular, enjoy seeing the fruit, flowers and vegetables decorating the church. The whole emphasis of the Harvest Thanksgiving weekend is to say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”. The very word “Eucharist” in the Christian Communion Service means “Thank You”.

Thankfulness is the secret to a happy and fulfilled life.

It is so easy to complain; so, easy to become bitter; so easy to become cynical about life. The best antidote for cynicism is thanksgiving. Instead of grumbling about your spouse, try thanking God for them. Instead of complaining about your work, try thanking God that you have a job. Instead of resenting your children when they’re noisy, thank God that they are alive and well.
(This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving to our brothers and sisters in Canada.)

This week’s encouragement is from Brother Ed Hird, local director of the British Columbia Christian Ashram.