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Dr Leslyn Lewis

You may enjoy this interesting interview with Dr Leslyn Lewis, focusing on Hope, Unity, and Compassion.


I just saw her again in person in a dynamic rally where she drew over 600 people. She could be a good first or perhaps second ballot choice. To make a difference and be able to vote for the next leader, I encourage you to get or renew your Conservative membership.

Ed Hird+

Ps. You may wish to pass on this message to others.

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Join us this Thursday online

Our good friend, long-time pastor Kevin Cavanaugh, has just been appointed as the Executive Director for Free to Care. You will remember Kevin from his active involvement on the Festival of Hope Executive and with the One Accord Statement.

Our good friend Pastor Dave Carson , Director of Intercessors for Canada, and Pastor Giulio Gabeli of Westwood Church and ACMV, also endorse the Free to Care conference with its six specialists, having a good current word for the Canadian Church.

See you there,

In Christ,

Ed Hird+

A leadership webinar response to the passing of Bill C-4
You and your team are invited to spend 90 minutes with us
Thursday, March 31, 2022 @ 1pm EDT / 11am MDT / 10am PDT

This fast moving 90-minute webinar features six key speakers. Each of them comes from a different field of ministry, including psychology, theology, law, pastoral care, apologetics and a frontline practitioner.
Register Here

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David Kitz on God’s Firestarters

God’s Fire Starters

Jan 23rd 2022
Posted by davidkitz in book review
National Chair, The Word Guild

This compact, 137-page volume delivers a powerful punch.

“God’s Firestarters” is about ordinary people who were ignited with passion for the Lord, and in turn, they set scores—and in some cases millions of others—on fire with the love and power of the gospel message.

The book is a compilation of twenty short biographies of Christian leaders who had an extraordinary impact on their generation and the world. Each chapter is about five pages long, and covers the highs, lows, and transformative moments of these world-changing pastors, leaders and thinkers.

The book is chronologically organized as it moves through history beginning with Katharina Luther (1499-1552) and ending with the theologian J.I. Packer (1926-2020). Between those dates we find the stories of eighteen other remarkable men and women who overcame enormous obstacles as they lived lives that powerfully impacted the church and the world.

Authors Ed and Janice Hird have done their homework. Each biography is well-written and thoroughly researched with dozens of endnotes.

These are stories that will build your faith and stoke your courage. I highly recommend this book. It’s a real fire-starter in the best way imaginable.
Just click to get the ebook or paperback on Amazon.

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Three more book reviews

Three more God’s Firestarters book reviews

David RG Hunt

Amazon.co.uk book review

a fascinating read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 January 2022

“The marital and family lives of 20 of well-known figures from Christian history, spanning six centuries from Martin Luther to Jim Packer, are brought to life in this book with some fascinating details. For instance, did you know that Martin Luther changed his bedsheets only once a year before he was married? Subsequently, they were changed more frequently!

The book demonstrates time and again that God delights to use fallible people to achieve extraordinary advances for his kingdom – what an encouragement to all of us!

There are no fewer than 717 footnotes, spanning 38 pages, for those wishing to dig deeper into the fascinating lives of these servants of God.”

David RG Hunt

“Firestarters gives thumbnail sketches of well-known revivalists. Their dedication often came with a price to their health and private life. Yet their passion for Jesus was undeniable, and they shaped history in a way few others have done. I found it particularly fascinating how close the relationship was between Ben Franklin and George Whitefield. I give this book five stars. It should be part of any serious historian’s collection, as well as a great educational tool.”

Susan Reinhardt, Novelist

She is represented by Joyce Hart, of Hartline Literary Agency.

“In the Bible, Mordecai reminds Queen Esther that she has been placed in her position “for such a time as this.” In their book, “God’s Firestarters”, The Rev. Dr. Ed & Janice Hird recounts the stories of twenty Christian leaders in history who were challenged by the times and circumstances that they faced – plague, illness, death of loved ones, financial hardships, marital problems, persecution, and much more, and how through faith and perseverance they became overcomers and firestarters for God. A well-written and easy to read book, this is one to put on your library shelf to have for personal meditation, for quick historical reference of twenty famous Christians, and for encouragement to see how others throughout history, facing many of the same challenges that we are facing today, were able to be victorious. I pray that it will lead us to realize that whatever our circumstances, we have also been placed here “for such a time as this”.


Bev Lombard, WEC missionary for many years

P.s. You too are encouraged to get God’s Firestarters for yourself and others in either ebook or paperback by clicking on

https://amzn.to/3EcQKAg (USA) or

https://amzn.to/3vrwibu (Canada)

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Worshipping the baby

A quick note to say that we had church again this morning Sunday, the 26th December.
We’ve celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
In case you missed our “9 Lessons and Carols” Service last Sunday, you can find it by clicking HERE:
We’re still praying at the church every night. Don’t hesitate to join us at 7pm at the Church.
Merry Christmas and God’s blessings,
The peace of our Lord,
Peter Klenner
Bishop and Pastor
All Saints Community Church, Crescent Beach