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God’s Firestarters’ Episcopal endorsements

Your prayers are welcome for our upcoming book on revival God’s Firestarters, which Bill Glasgow is currently working on the formatting and layout. It will soon be going to our publisher Larry Luby in Dallas Texas. Our plans, God willing, are to have it out in time for Christmas shopping. To whom might you like to give this revival book? http://www.edhird.com
Here are a couple of endorsements to consider from Bishops Silas Ng and Alfredo Cooper:
This is a book this world desperately needs! As it says in the book of Jude verse 3, “I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.” Thank you, Dr. Ed and Janice for giving your readers to know how the Holy Spirit kindled the fire of those holy people in the past several hundred years through their witness of their family, especially relationships of husbands and wives in the twenty chapters to set on fire so many people to live for Jesus that He is our Lord and King. And, most important, to set us on FIRE!
–Rt. Rev. Dr. Silas Ng (Chief Bishop, Anglican Mission in Canada)

Ed and Janice Hird create a spirit of excitement and expectancy in “God’s Firestarters” with their realistic portrayal of giants who moved the church in the Spirit. Revival through fiery preaching, yes, Holy Spirit anointing, yes, but also with roots in family life, marriage tensions, quirks and tempers, faith, much prayer, service, learning, study, holy and sacrificial living. The united picture gives us a sense of what it would take to know God’s visitation very realistically sparked among us today.
–Bishop Alf Cooper (Chile)


New book coming out soon

Dear friends,
Our latest book ‘God’s Firestarters: preparing our families for coming revivals’ is currently gone for formatting and layout with our good friend Bill Glasgow, before going to Dallas Texas with Larry Luby of His Publishing Group. It should be out for Christmas
I encourage you to not only read this God’s Firestarter book, but even other books written by the same authors. Just one example, “Celebrating the differences” as enrichment instead of taking them as issues. I bless you, Ed+ and Janice, as you use your gift of writing.
–The Most Rev Kolini Musaba Emmanuel (Rtd. Archbishop of Rwanda).

When the sun’s light hits a gem at just the right angle, it catches our eye, it sparkles, it draws us closer. Ed and Janice Hird have caught these gems of the Faith in just the right perspective, heartfelt relationships with spouse and God, for them to shine for us and fill our hearts with hope and hopefully, close enough for fire.
–The Right Rev’d Carl Buffington, New Covenant Church, Winter Spring, Florida, Anglican Mission International

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Watch with us our first outdoor service

A joyful first out-door service at All Saints Community Church. You are encouraged to repost this to your FB friends.

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Obedience is better than sacrifice

A great quote from Dr E Stanley Jones: “I find by actual experience that when I obey Christ without reserve, then life catches its rhythm, its harmony, its peace, its song. But when I do not obey him, or obey him only partially, then something snaps within; life sags and loses its music” (from Christ’s Alternative to Communism, Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1935), 244.

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Don’t miss out

Our online July 9th to 11th BC Christian Ashram retreat starts tonight. You are encouraged to register online now.

Here is the weekend schedule.

Click to read the bios of our guest speakers Rev Steve Schroeder & Rev Dr Rod Ellis.

Can you help us out by passing the word on to your friends, family, and colleagues?

Jesus is Lord!

See you there,

Ed+ & Janice Hird