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Sally Start on God’s Firestarters

Here is Sally Start’s Amazon book review for our new God’s Firestarters book. Amazon USA or Amazon Canada
“What an inspirational read! In “God’s Firestarters” my friends, Rev Ed and Janice Hird, have highlighted 20 laid-down lives that God used to fuel revival over the last few hundred years. It is fascinating to learn more details about these godly, yet quite ordinary, men and women, so many of whom have been a personal influence on me in my journey as a Christian.
I commend this book to you as an encouragement to pray for revival in our midst. I was stopped in my tracks to read ‘Out of the ashes of the failed hippy dream emerged the unexpected Jesus Movement’ – a genuine revival of 2 – 3 million – larger than The Great Awakenings. This has encouraged me to redouble my prayers for the self-declared ‘spiritual but not religious’ Millenials. May they encounter Jesus at their festivals! Come Holy Spirit! Awaken hearts! Start another fire we pray.” —Sally Start, former National Alpha Canada Ambassador & Co-ordinator.