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Visiting Kigeme, Rwanda

By Rev. Ed Hird

Having spent the first day at Rwanda’s capital of Kigali, we took a sardine-packed bus to the southwestern town of Kigeme.


Before leaving Kigali, we met Bishop Mpango, a retired Tanzanian bishop staying at the Kigeme Cathedral guest house. He is very interested in helping launch people in businesses that can sow back into God’s Kingdom work.


Meeting with Kigeme diocesan staff.


Janice Hird, my wife, led four music workshops during the week at the Kigeme Cathedral.


Upon arriving at Kigeme, we stumbled in on a music practice in the Cathedral. Their passion and giftedness was most enjoyable.


This is a view of the choir from the back of the Kigeme Cathedral.


Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say ‘rejoice’.


Janice enjoying being in Kigeme.


Esther sharing


Bishop Augustin of the Kigeme Diocese at the All Africa’s Bishops Conference


Anglican Educational Leaders in the Kigeme diocese


Esther has been key in greatly reducing the infant mortality rate.


Janice Hird with Jeanne D’Arc, Leader of the Anglican Schools


Education, health, and church planting were core values of the original Anglican missionary who came to Kigeme in 1932.


Preaching the good news throughout the Kigeme area.

Meeting the Anglican High School students.


Muraho means ‘hello’ in Kirywandan.


Key diocesan leaders in the Kigeme area. Rev Jean Chrysostom organized our overall schedule for the week and kept in touch by e-mail during our preparations in Canada.


Rwanda is truly the land of a thousand hills.


Logging is often done by hand.


The Kigeme Anglican Hospital was birthed from the original 1932 vision for medical care and healing through prayer.


We had an opportunity to meet the Director of the Kigeme Anglican Hospital. The love of Jesus has been rooted into the DNA of this hospital. The staff starts every day with a half hour of worship.


Ananias is the director of Human Relations at the Hospital. He is also a senior Catechist leading an Anglican Chapel.


A mission team from the Anglican congregation in Maidenhead, UK, came to do many tasks, including rewiring the Kigeme Anglican Hospital.


Thank God for people with electrical skills who can use them for the Kingdom.


Janice Hird being given a tour of the Anglican Kigeme Hospital.


We were also given a tour of the Maternity Ward.


Pastor Samuel is the Chaplain for the Kigeme Anglican Hospital. I found him to be very godly and Spirit-filled.


Pastor Paul Karangwa and Janice Hird in front of a hospital ambulance.


The Anglican investment in health has made a significant difference for local Rwandans in the Kigeme area.


This poster summed up what the Anglican diocese of Kigeme is seeking to accomplish. Their goal is that everyone plays their part in extending God’s Kingdom and rebuilding their nation.

The Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, BSW, MDiv, DMin

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