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The Final Two Days in Kigeme

By Rev Ed Hird

It was such a privilege to spend this extended time in Kigeme. In the last two days, we had a personal visit with Bishop Augustin, had another two music workshops, connected again with the Healthy Mums Project, and met with Pastor Assiel from All Saints Kikongoro.


It was a privilege to spend time with Bishop Augustin Mvunabandi, hearing about all the good things that God is doing in the Kigeme diocese.


Click to hear a greeting to Canada from Bishop Augustin.


We met again with the Healthy Mums Projects leaders who displayed the gifts from Canada which had been carried with our six suitcases.


A Rwandan mom with two new twins.


From Canada to Rwanda, blessing the Rwanda mums in practical gifts.


Esther with the new twins.



Janice with the healthy mums twins.


Meeting with the people involved with the Kigeme Cathedral guesthouse.


Meeting with Pastor Assiel of Kikongoro at the Kigeme Cathedral area. Click to view a Greeting to Canada and sharing about Kikongoro from Pastor Assiel.



One of Janice’s final music workshops at the Kigeme Cathedral


The Rwandans were very eager to learn, especially in learning English language music.


Janice with a young Rwandan child.


Older and younger sister at the music practice.


The Joy of the Lord is my strength.


The participants in Janice’s music workshop. Click to see a video of the Music workshop.


We told people about the Christian Ashram movement in BC, North America and around the world.


This young man still kept a photo of our 1st Rwandan Mission trip from six years ago.


The final Music Workshop with Janice at the Kigeme Cathedral, using the new guitar. Click to view a video of this workshop.


Meeting with a Bible Study Group at the Cathedral, and teaching on Titus Chapter 2.


The Kigeme Cathedral Guesthouse where we stayed.


The Kigeme Cathedral Guesthouse with the traditional mosquito net.


We were well taken care of daily, with healthy meals.


Esther  with Healthy Mums Project, Pastor Paul, and Janice.

Rev Dr Ed Hird, BSW, MDiv, DMin

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