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Video Greetings on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary

Greetings from Bishop Dr. Silas Ng on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary


The Rev. Ken Bell’s Greetings on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary


Pastor Owen Scott’s Greetings on St. Simon’s NV 70th Anniversary

70th Cross



Breaking the 700,000 Barrier

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Videos and Pictures of the Annual Carol & Drama Service

Ed Hird


St. Simon’s NV Annual Carol & Drama service

Carol and Drama service 010 (African Advent Carol) click to view the video

Uploaded to www.youtube.com

Carol and Drama service 013 (Advent Carol)

Dancing into the Promise

Uploaded to http://www.youtube.com

St. Simon’s NV joint Choir sings a special anthem for the Nov 12th Carol & Drama Service

Go Tell It on the Mountains

This was sung by our youth and young adults at the annual St. Simon’s NV Carol & Drama service on Dec 12th 2010

Faith for Bucks

A drama by the St Simon’s NV Youth & Young Adults about spiritual choices

Joy to the World

The concluding Carol at the annual St. Simon’s NV Carol & Drama service was Isaac Watt’s Joy to the World

Christmas Lights at Park and Tilford (click to see the pictures)