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Restoring Health: body, mind and spirit

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Greater Vancouver Renewal Mission photos

Rev David Macfarlane really makes you think. He knows Canada like few people do.

Listening to Rev David Macfarlane gives you fresh hope for sharing your faith with others

Deepened prayer is essential to deepened effectiveness in reaching people with the Gospel

Good fellowship is standard at every annual Renewal Mission.

Ian and Emmanuel Nsenga led us on the Saturday night in Rwandan HipHop Christian worship

The Nsenga brothers are amazing worshippers with a passion to reach lost people.

Our Bishop Silas Ng shared with us and received prayer for his Anglican Mission in Canada ministry

His Disciples Worship Band leading the opening GVRM worship session

Worshipping the Father in Spirit and Truth at the Greater Vancouver Renewal Mission

It doesn’t matter which mountain we worship on. It matters whom we worship

Worshipping the Lord in the beauty of holiness

The Friday night GVRM session had a particular emphasis on the younger generation

This is our 24th Annual Renewal Mission, our first being with Rev Charles Alexander in 1987

I have water for you to drink of which you will never thirst again. – Jesus

Rev David Macfarlane knows how to hold our attention.

The Harvest is ripe; are we ready, says Rev David Macfarlane

What would it take for a breakthrough in our city?

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