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Faithful Father-in-Law

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By the Rev. Dr. Ed HirdCline family2

My late father-in-law David was solid like a rock. I have been married to his daughter for 41 years. David joked that he has never quite forgiven me for taking his daughter away, as she was the lead soprano in his choir. To make up for this ‘theft’, I have paid him back by ‘giving’ him three grandchildren. The nicest thing about grandchildren, of course, is that you can fuss over them, and then send them back home!

Over the years, my father-in-law showed great wisdom in dealing with impossible situations. When others give up, he kept on moving faithfully forward. I experienced my father-in-law as someone who never stopped expecting the best from you. Many times over the years, my father-in-law opened doors for me to speak in situations that would otherwise have been closed. He has been a true Barnabas, a Son…

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