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Have you heard of the life-changing Five Languages of Apology?

Many people know about Dr Gary Chapman’s Five Languages of Love, but not his amazing sequel Five Languages of Apology. I commend to you a link to a great summary of the five languages of apology. http://www.themarriagelibrary.com/Matching/5ApologyLanPacket.pdf

As we taught tens of thousands in Africa, we ended up invariably teaching on the Five Languages of Apology. By a show of hands, we found that few, even as Christians, had gone beyond the first language of Apology “I’m sorry (regret)”. What was encouraging was the willingness of the African Christians to start trying out the other four languages of Apology. Often we apologize, if at all, like our family of origin, has done it.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Ed Hird