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Watch with us our first outdoor service

A joyful first out-door service at All Saints Community Church. You are encouraged to repost this to your FB friends.

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Join us in person

You are invited to join us on Sunday July 25th at 10am with Bishop Peter Klenner for All Saints Community Church’s first in person service in Crescent Beach. ( 12268 Beecher Street) Bring a portable chair as we worship outside.

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Join us this morning for worship

I’m happy to announce that we continue worshipping together on YouTube this Sunday. We’re back to the epistle to the Ephesians. The Apostle Paul is teaching about relationships, specifically families this week.

Tomorrow may well be the last service in our Underground Church. We’ll certainly keep you posted.

We’re looking forward to sharing the service with you again. The service begins on Sunday—the 18th July—at 10:45am on YouTube. Please come and join us as we fellowship “together.”

You can find the Service by clicking HERE.

This is a wonderful time to fellowship together.

Please also note:

Church @ Church

Our service next Sunday 25th July will be our first in-person service. We’ll have an outdoor “camping/picnic” style service in the parking lot of our church. Of course everyone is welcome. Come and join us:

10:00am Sunday the 25th July at 12268 Beecher St. Crescent Beach

(With regard to COVID-19 restrictions, we’ll let you decide what level of comfort and safety to practice: mask or no mask, sitting close or further, physical contact or not. We’ll make sure that everyone will be able to have individual communion cups, etc. Everyone will be encouraged to practice what they feel most comfortable with.) If you’ve got any further questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. Whatever we do, let’s make sure we keep our eyes on Jesus!

Thank you for being such a faithful church family. I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.

The peace of our Lord,

Bishop Peter (and Jenny) Klenner

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Obedience is better than sacrifice

A great quote from Dr E Stanley Jones: “I find by actual experience that when I obey Christ without reserve, then life catches its rhythm, its harmony, its peace, its song. But when I do not obey him, or obey him only partially, then something snaps within; life sags and loses its music” (from Christ’s Alternative to Communism, Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1935), 244.

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BC Christian Ashram talks

2021 BC Christian Ashram talks

Rev Steve Schroeder “Thy Kingdom Come

Rev. Dr. Rod Ellis “God’s Kingdom

Rev. Steve Schroeder “Practising God’s Presence

Bev Lombard “God’s Church in Mission

Rev Dr Rod Ellis “Sharing God’s Kingdom

Rev Steve Schroeder “God’s Kingdom Presence

Rev. Steve Schroeder “Communion before Commissioning

Christian Ashram Music Playlists