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Tammy Peterson’s Rebirth

When Jordan Peterson’s wife Tammy was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she realized: “My life isn’t about me…This is about the service I give to the people around me. That’s what life is for, and that is what my life is for. As far as I am concerned, I died and came back to life. Spiritually, I have been reborn. I think that I understand now what it means to be reborn. (1:02:09)
Click to view the podcast with her daughter Mikhaila Peterson

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Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson on “Rules for Life, Psychedelics, The Bible, and Much More | The Tim Ferris Show (57:00), March 1st 2021. 282,300 views.
“The deepest questions are religious questions, and the Bible is the best answer we have, and if you don’t like that, well fine, do better. Good luck. There is wisdom in that book that is unbelievable.” Thoughts? I am praying for Peterson’s healing and conversion to Christ, as he is in extreme pain and perhaps edging towards an encounter with Jesus.