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Babies’ abilities are amazing…

Amazing things babies can do in the womb:

✔️ Hear

✔️ See

✔️ Swim

✔️ Taste

✔️ Smell

✔️ Dream

✔️ Experience emotions

✔️ Play

✔️ Hiccup

✔️ Cry

✔️ Yawn

✔️ Kick

✔️ Clench fists

✔️ Wiggle toes

✔️ Learn

✔️ Breathe

✔️ Bond

Human LIFE is a miracle

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Smiling like a #Chesire Cat

Many of my #Hird #Holmes ancestors came originally from #Cheshire near #Liverpool. We even had a distinct dialect.

The #Chesire cat is a fictional cat popularised by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and known for its distinctive mischievous grin.

One possible origin of the phrase is favoured by the people of Cheshire, a county in England which celebrates many dairy farms; accordingly the cats grin because of the great amount of milk and cream.

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Was GK Chesterton right about tyranny??


GK Chesterton: “What it’s worth while to point out, first & last, is that Socialism is a tyranny; that it’s inevitably, even avowedly & almost justifiably, a tyranny. It is the pretense that government can prevent all injustice by being directly responsible for practically anything that happens.”