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Restoring the Godly Heritage…

Commentary by Rev. Les Johnson on the book Battle for the Soul of Canada (available on amazon.ca)

“This book serves, among other things, as a commentary on the two Epistles of St. Paul to young Timothy.  It’s a text that is very relevant and informative concerning the need for Timothys in this age of spiritual compromise and excessive liberalism, both in the Anglican Church and at times in the Church in General.  Just as St. Paul warned Timothy of apostasy and ‘perilous times’ in his day and charged him to warn others of this evil, so the author likewise is warning us that, in principle, we face the same dilemma in this current day and age.

The negative side, however, is well balanced by several positive reflections.  For example, the author cites many historical figures, both from the secular and spiritual realms to show how our nation truly has a godly heritage.  One of my favorites is the section The Passion of Louis Riel.

In view of these examples, our challenge now is to remain steadfast as a people of prayer and devotion to the Word of God, just as Timothy did through the influence of his spiritual Father and his godly mother and grandmother.

The title of this text truly reflects its contents: There is indeed an ongoing battle for the spiritual soul of Canada and a need for young, godly leaders to help us restore that godly heritage.

Rev. Les Johnson

Retired minister of Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada

Current Chaplain of Pacifica Retirement Residence

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Proportional representation may be good for NDP, but wrong for B.C. | The Province

Larry Bell: Proportional representation would create a new kind of politician with no responsibility or accountability to any constituents.
— Read on theprovince.com/opinion/op-ed/larry-bell-proportional-representation-may-be-good-for-ndp-but-its-wrong-for-b-c

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FROM REVELATION TO REALITY – Vancouver TWG Writers Conference

Jim Wilson photoOur good friend Rev. Jim Wilson has been publishing books for the past decade while being a husband, father, and pastor.  He has been teaching on creative expression over four decades.  His blog reaches more than four hundred thousand readers and his non-fiction titles have earned broad acclaim.  Living as Ambassadors of Relationships is recommended reading from Canada’s Miracle Channel as well as leaders spanning all streams of the Body of Christ.  The Holy Spirit and the EndTimes has garnered that same cross-section of endorsement – including Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, Redding – but Jim is grateful for the endorsement from the International Healing Rooms.  Kingdom in Pursuit received accolades from Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church, San Diego, the Chairperson of Renewing American Leadership and founder of the Pulpit Freedom Movement


Generation photoJim – James A Wilson to readers – is very pleased with the response to his most recent title, Generation.  His first novel has been nominated for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, the most prestigious literary award in the United Kingdom.  But what energizes Jim more than anything else is the privilege of helping others draw from themselves the incarnation of the vision – revelation – planted in them by their Creator, their Abba. 


Of the coming Nov 2nd to 3rd Word Guild Writer’s conference, Jim says, “Everyone will learn how to structure their work – whether fiction or non-fiction – building from strength to strength and strong point to escalating strong point as we submit to God’s intention to speak through His servants in an escalating manner.”  This conference is for practicing writers, aspiring writers, and any who want to sow into God’s plan to redeem the arts through understanding the craft of writing.  We will focus on seeking excellence instead of mere perfection.  Jim adds, “If you think you get the difference between excellence and perfection, I can say with confidence you do not…yet…but you will.” 

To Register, just click on the following link.