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Restoring the Godly Heritage…

Commentary by Rev. Les Johnson on the book Battle for the Soul of Canada (available on amazon.ca)

“This book serves, among other things, as a commentary on the two Epistles of St. Paul to young Timothy.  It’s a text that is very relevant and informative concerning the need for Timothys in this age of spiritual compromise and excessive liberalism, both in the Anglican Church and at times in the Church in General.  Just as St. Paul warned Timothy of apostasy and ‘perilous times’ in his day and charged him to warn others of this evil, so the author likewise is warning us that, in principle, we face the same dilemma in this current day and age.

The negative side, however, is well balanced by several positive reflections.  For example, the author cites many historical figures, both from the secular and spiritual realms to show how our nation truly has a godly heritage.  One of my favorites is the section The Passion of Louis Riel.

In view of these examples, our challenge now is to remain steadfast as a people of prayer and devotion to the Word of God, just as Timothy did through the influence of his spiritual Father and his godly mother and grandmother.

The title of this text truly reflects its contents: There is indeed an ongoing battle for the spiritual soul of Canada and a need for young, godly leaders to help us restore that godly heritage.

Rev. Les Johnson

Retired minister of Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada

Current Chaplain of Pacifica Retirement Residence

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Proportional representation may be good for NDP, but wrong for B.C. | The Province

Larry Bell: Proportional representation would create a new kind of politician with no responsibility or accountability to any constituents.
— Read on theprovince.com/opinion/op-ed/larry-bell-proportional-representation-may-be-good-for-ndp-but-its-wrong-for-b-c

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The Power of Forgiveness

Our good friend Giulio Gabeli shared a thoughtful video message on forgiveness. It reminded me of Dr Gary Chapman’s amazing book The Five Languages of Apology which I talk about in our For Better, For Worse book, and talked about extensively in Uganda and Rwanda. You may remember the five languages, most of which I never practiced before I came to meet Christ personally. I used to defensively make excuses, blame others, and just try to move on without really resolving things. I highly commend Dr. Chapman’s book in which he deals with the five languages: 1) I’m sorry (regret) 2) I was wrong (responsibility) 3) How can I make it up to you? (restitution) 4) I’ll try not to do that again (repentance plan) 5) Will you please forgive me? (request).