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A book review of Rose Scott’s ‘Threaten to Undo Us’

Rev Dr Ed Hird

Rose Seiler Scott’s book Threaten to Undo Us (available on Amazon) is engaging and compelling.

Those of us in the West have rightfully connected with the tragedy of the holocaust experienced by six million Jewish people during WW2. Most of us however have been unaware that countless innocent German civilians ended up in the very same concentration camps that the Jews had been liberated from. The anger by the Poles and Russians against the Nazis resulted in many innocent Germans being raped, starved, expelled, tortured and separated from their families. Humanity’s inhumanity to humanity is accurately recorded in this compelling story. Leisel, a committed follower of Jesus Christ, walks the way of Christ in relentlessly sacrificing for her family and others against impossible odds. This book is hard to put down. Most of us know little about this untold story. Rose Scott is a gifted writer who enables you to enter her family’s world. One suggestion is that the first chapter could use tightening up, as it took me a while to get the direction of the novel. This book could benefit from a sequel.

Rev Dr Ed Hird

p.s. This would be a great Christmas present for your family and friends. \