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Thoughtful and Inspiring

Having just heard Brian Stiller speak again, it motivated me to read his new book ‘From Jerusalem to Timbuktu“. I found it a challenging but readable book. Brian is relentlessly thoughtful, gracious, and curious. Having heard him in person, the book made even more sense. While Brian is a good writer, he is a captivating speaker. In this book, thanks to his remarkably wide travels, he is able to take you into many world settings that you might have never entered. His kindness and wisdom are seen on every chapter. Brian writes in a way that deeply encourages you about what God is doing around the world. His insights into this being the age of the Spirit were convincing, particularly as he tied this into other factors like the global impact of bible translation, indigenization, re-engaging the public square, and a rediscovery of wholeness. He has packed so much into this book that it at times can feel overwhelming. Perhaps there are too many themes, but that is also Brian’s genius, as he is a global visionary. I would encourage you to buy this book and share it with other people who are willing to put on their ‘thinking caps.’

Rev. Dr. Ed Hird