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Who really were the ‘vikings’? Were any of them your ancestors?

I just ran across a very interesting historical background on the so-called Vikings. Contrary to Hollywood, they didn’t usually wear horned helmets. Did you know that they founded Dublin Ireland?

Do you have any Norsemen/Scandinavians in your family tree? Through DNA testing, I have discovered that I have 4% Norwegian. Norway comes from Old English Norweġ, Norþweġ, from Old Norse Norvegr (“north way”), Norðvegr, from norðr (“north”) + vegr (“way”), contrasted with suðrvegr (“south way”), i.e. Germany, and austrvegr (“east way”), the Baltic lands. Norwegian (1607) is from Medieval Latin Norvegia, with the -w- from Norway.

By the (south) way, the Normans from Normandy who conquered England in 1066 were Norsemen who had lived in Northern France for 150 years and learned to speak French.