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Original, creative and practical

by Rev Dr Ed Hird

Have you ever hit the wall in attempting to market your books? What if I told you that this book by Rob Eager could be the turning point in significantly increasing your book sales? Rob’s latest series of three books is once again well worth one’s time and money. So many authors suffer in this internet age from how to market their amazing books.

Eager in ‘The Author’s Guide to Write Text that Sells Books‘ helps unpack this mystery in practical ways. He explains in this book that with people being self-centered and distracted, we not only need to tell them what’s in it for them (Why should they buy our book? How will it concretely benefit them?). Even more important, we need to get their attention in the first place. Rob convincingly explains how busy and overwhelmed our potential readers are. The key to breaking through the ‘fog’ is the power of the hook, which Rob masterfully explains. He starts with the helpful expression “What if I told you that…?” I am finding his advice on the marketing hook to be a missing key in more effectively selling my books. My one critique is that I would have valued more stories in the book that illustrate how his ‘hook’ book actually works in real life. It would have been helpful to have real-life stories not just from the superstar authors, but also lesser-known authors who have been able to measurably increase their book sales through applying Rob Eager’s principles in his book. I look forward to Rob’s future marketing books, as his creative practicality is paying great dividends. Do yourself a favour, buy Rob’s book, and measurably increase your book revenue.

Rev Dr Ed Hird, http://www.edhird.com