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Blue Sky book review by John Cann

“I’m not a novel reader and I don’t read thrillers. However, both I and my wife almost simultaneously asked the question,

“How can two people write a novel?” The introductory chapters didn’t answer the “How”, but they did the “Why.” it was amazing to see the male and female viewpoints so fully intertwined to clearly set the scene for the dynamic action of the rest of the book. The “How” will only come by having been a fly on the wall as they discussed the intricacies of the plot in the preparatory stages.

I saw a “punographic” statement recently. “I read a book on antigravity. I couldn’t put it down.” I didn’t put this book down until I finished it. Having read Ed’s and Janice’s previous works, I can attest to the detailed research that goes into their books. It shows through in spades here as we are very familiar with Spokane. Loved the Blue Sky on the cover.

The Welsh in me felt the “hiraeth” or longing of the setting. Knowing the context of Pastor Ed’s doctoral thesis, the discussion questions opened up a vista of meaning in the main plot of the crimes and consequences. The mystery aspect of the plot burst in with a nothing less than “Vancouver Symphony of Fire” effect. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the glove of the Hirds’ story come to life with the insertion of practical-prayer-warfare hand of the Lord.”

John Cann, former Vancouver FGBMI leader

-Click to read the first two chapters on Amazon