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A guest article by Rob Wynen on Babyboomers and health

by Rob Wynen (guest editorialist)

You are old therefore you are sick.

Catchy titles are always a great way to pull in readers but this one I think pretty much sums up our attitude towards aging.  Feel tired, why not try a Viagra, got some wrinkles, try our newest Botox therapy, got some pain in your joints, hey why not get a new one, they are made out of titanium these days didn’t you know?  It seems like every time we turn on the tv there is an ad letting us know how we can, or should I say should, be living like we were when we were teens, minus the acne, low bank account and teen angst of course.  With a growing baby-boomer population the snake oil businesses are in full bloom.  Even amongst my colleagues the language surrounding aging has changed, “take this health survey and get your true physical age”, in my books if you are 50, you have the body of a 50 year old no matter how much you exercise; aging is not something to be avoided even if we could.

One of the greatest benefits to  my job is that I get to meet lots of seniors.  Seniors have been there and done that.  Why reinvent the wheel? I might as well learn something from someone who has been around the block and save myself the trouble.  What does depress me is the increased focus on making our seniors feel like they are inadequate and in need of intervention, whether it is glucosamine supplements (they don’t work by the way) or the almost unrelenting focus on getting all men over the age of 50 to take some drug which will make them feel like they are the new alpha male in town.  I hope that as I age, I will find something new to enjoy at every stage of my life, that the aches and pains in my body will send me a signal to take it easy, make sure I remember to take care of my body and appreciate all the experiences my body helped bring my way.  My hope is that I won’t be looking back at my lost youth but looking forward to enjoying my well worn body.

Rob Wynen

Fitness Centre Supervisor.


note from Ed+: While working out at the John Braithwaite Gym in North Vancouver, I ran across this interesting article written by our Fitness Centre Supervisor. As I found it thought-provoking, with his permission I posted this as a guest article on my blog. Let us know what you think about Rob Wynen’s point of view.

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Seven Deadly Challenges at the Weight Room

By the Rev. Dr.  Ed Hird

How is your work-out working out for you these days?  Studies show that many people who start at the gym with every good intention are nowhere to be found within a few months.  Why is it that so many well-intended people drop out and disappear from fitness?  My hunch is that people drop out from going to the gym for similar reasons that they drop out from going to church.  They may find the times inconvenient, the child care inadequate, the music too loud, too soft, too slow, or too fast, the temperature too hot or too cold, the people too cold or intrusive, the instructor/pastor too busy or controlling.

Virtually everyone that I know nowadays believes in the value of keeping physically fit.  It has been drilled into us by our doctors, teachers, media, and family.  Yet so many of us fall short of our personal health goals.  I sense that a lot of people have transferred their guilt about not attending church enough to a new guilt about not attending the weight room enough.  Guilt, shame, and fear paralyze us in our unhealthy procrastination and avoidance of physical and spiritual growth.  Guilt, shame and fear feed our addictions and unhealthy life choices.  I have known people who felt so guilty about not attending the gym or church that they have overeaten, over-drank, and over-indulged.  More guilt is not the solution to our health issues.

So how can we be set free from our spiritual and physical couch-potato tendencies?  Dr. Gil Stieglitz  says that a great way to get healthy is to memorize the seven deadly sins and then daily measure our current behaviour by those seven criteria.  The first deadly sin/challenge is Pride, which Dr. Gil defines as ‘feelings of superiority, self-absorption, and lack of teachability.’  Sometimes people don’t make it to the gym or church because we have become self-satisfied and unwilling to grow.

The second deadly sin is Envy which Dr. Gil defines as ‘the desire for what belongs to others’.  I have been guilty of that sin many times at the gym.  Why is it taking me so long to get in shape physically or spiritually when others around me seem so healthy?  Sometimes the puny size of my weights or my prayer life can tempt me to not bother to try.

The third deadly sin is Anger which Dr. Gil defines as ‘being blocked from a goal, irritated, seething’.  The person we usually feel most angry at is ourselves, angry that we are not losing weight quickly enough, not improving fast enough, angry that it is taking so long to become Christ-like and loving.  You may have heard the angry comment that the church or gym is full of hypocrites, to which I say ‘there is always room for one more hypocrite’.

The fourth deadly sin is Lust, which is far more than just sexual.  It is really about the need to have it all our way immediately.  Many of us give up on the gym and church, because it is taking too long to achieve our goals.  We want it all right now!  Getting healthy takes time!


The fifth deadly sin is Sloth which Dr. Gil defines as ‘laziness, working with a minimum effort, procrastination’.  Going to Church or the gym requires effort, time, and money.  It is often tempting to give in to our feelings of tiredness, discouragement and fear.  Why bother to try?  The Tempter wants us to be physically and spiritually healthy, as long we do it next month, not this month.

The sixth deadly sin is Gluttony which Dr. Gil defines as ‘overindulgence, addiction, seeking comfort’.  Many people feel so embarrassed about their body or soul that they won’t even try.  It’s just too painful.

The seventh deadly sin is Greed which Dr. Gil defines as ‘longing after money and things’.  Greedy people will refuse to go to church or the gym, claiming that ‘all the church/gym wants is your money’.  In fact the gym and church are there for our health, and our health is worth every penny that we invest.  What use is wealth without health?  See you at God’s Gym!


The Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, BSW, MDiv, DMin

 -previously published in the North Shore News

-award-winning author of the book Battle for the Soul of Canada

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